Thursday, April 08, 2010


One thing that really bothers me about facebook. Too many people say what they think others what to read on their profile. I used to be like that, then I turned seventeen and realized that people respected me a whole lot more if I admitted to liking Backstreet Boys than buying a whole bunch of classic rock albums I never listened to. (don't worry, they have since been listened to and greatly appreciated. But Backstreet Boys are still my favorite)

What really bothers me is when people either list every possibly band/TV show/or book that happens to be popular or well known. Or at least every one in the given genre they are aiming to please.

And yes, I do judge people if they list "The Office" as their favorite show,and only that. I admit, it's a great show. I get a lot of laughs out of it. But it isn't the best show out there. That's why I don't list favorite TV shows. I kind of feel they're pointless and mostly ridiculous. I'm glad our TV stations don't work. I can find better ways to waste my time.

As far as books. It bothers me when people say so-and-so is their favorite author... When they not only have only ever read one of that authors books, they've only heard of one of that authors books. That doesn't mean they're your favorite author, that means that is your favorite book! For instance, a lot of girls say they love Jane Austen. Most of these girls (because I ask) have never, get that, never! Actually read an Austen novel. Not even Pride and Prejudice. They are basing their judgment on the film adaptations, which are equally enjoyable. But honestly, I feel like the books not in popular film version (Americans don't watch the BBC versions) see much better than the others. With the exception of Emma, of course. One of my favorite books.

And then there are times when people will list favorites that have nothing to do with each other! I highly doubt that if "Fireproof" is one of your favorites, that "28 Weeks Later" is also on that same list. Something just doesn't add up... At all!

Now people can say whatever they want. But it's painfully obvious when they say things to impress others. Be honest. I try to be as honest on my page as possible. Which is why it is always updating! I always change my mind!

But none of this really matters. It's just been brought to my attention a lot recently. Maybe I should just leave facebook alone. It's a huge waste of time.

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