Friday, April 02, 2010

Day Off

Today is my day off from work. I am scheduled to work tomorrow from 1-9. I usually don't work the late shift on Saturdays, but I switched with someone so I wouldn't have to take an additional vacation day when we got to California. (which, by the way, is in 2 weeks from today!) I love having days off. But... I WOULD be sick. I got ridiculously sick about three weeks ago and since then it has been come and go. This is the part of life I absolutely hate. And there's not much else in this life I truly, utterly loathe. I got up for about 1 hour earlier today. Went back to bed because I wasn't feeling well. Slept until 4 pm. And have been trying to stay occupied since then. But I might just have to go back to bed hear pretty soon. What a waste of a perfectly good day!

I'm getting my windshield replaced on Monday. About time, right? Yes, the little despicable crack caused from a rock hitting my windshield after we first got it (almost 7 years ago) has continued to grow and grow and grow. Lately this growth has accelerated at an alarming rate and instead of continuing it's journey straight up and out, the crack has finally begun to curve inwards towards the middle of the windshield. Rather than wait for it to entirely crack it's way through the entire thing, I'm just getting it replaced. It will make me feel so much better. I've hated that crack ever since it first happened. My parents buy me a wonderful car (the car of my dreams) for my birthday and what happens? It gets a little crack in it from some stupid truck throwing up a rock. Too bad we didn't just get it sealed back then. I'll know for the future. We expect this car to last us another five years at least. I love it. The only downside is... I stupidly set the appointment for 8 am. Right when they open. I wanted to get in and out and be done with it. Monday my office is closed. So I could have slept in. Oh well, it's probably best I don't. I'll go, drink a nice LARGE coffee, read my book for the hour or so it'll take them to replace it, come back home, and be ready to go to the gym with my love. Well, I'll probably go back to bed and then we'll go to the gym!

The ant infestation has spread in our kitchen. I hate ants. And it's that time of year where they're everywhere. Please don't think I don't keep my kitchen clean. Because I do! And I've been keeping it exceptionally clean lately to try to get rid of the ants. Somehow they keep finding their way into our food! Not just swarming around it. I went to get some peanut butter and the ants were INSIDE the container! Yes, it was closed and the top was tightly twisted shut. I don't understand it. So I moved all of our other food elsewhere and am trying to figure out where the ants are coming from so I can destroy them all! I thought I had gotten rid of them before... but then they appeared again! And in greater numbers it appears! At least in a few weeks we'll be moving. The exterminator at our new place comes three times a year just to make sure everything stays nice and clean of insects. He's coming right before we move. So nice. I can hardly wait. I hate bugs. I think I'm allergic to ants too. Whenever I touch them to kill them or anything i get this pink rash thing which itches. I hate ants.

I should probably try to at least pack up some things. Maybe I'll do that this weekend when I'm not working and not feeling like I'm going to pass out. I have some old crates from college that I'll probably pitch after we move. Ugly. But they'll be nice to lug around all my books. I'll full them up, dump the contents on the floor when we move, and fill them back up with other stuff. It'll be nice to move with those and not have to deal with extra boxes. It might make the process a little longer, but I don't mind. Too bad I can't take a full week off work just to move. That would be nice. But I suppose a week in California is much more worthwhile.

Ugh, I can't eat anything of it upsets my stomach. I can't read because it hurts my head. My eyes are getting so bad that even watching TV hurts them! Yes, my eyes are so bad that when I sit on our couch and watch TV things are still blurry. Forget about subtitles. And my glasses are out of date so they don't even help anymore! Yes, I'm going to go the eye doctor to update my prescription. So I guess I'll starve and just lie down and sleep. Boring. I'll try to watch some LOST. We'll see how that goes. Josh Holloway usually acts as a cure all. *wink* At least since I'm not eating anything I won't get fat. I only have two more weeks to get bikini ready! Well, if I can ever find a suitable bikini. Haven't had any luck yet. I could possibly be decent in two of my old ones... but it still feels uncomfortable. Maybe I was always just more skanky than I realized and they always fit like that. At least not I'm getting some sense of modesty!

I'm bored and tired and not feeling well. I should probably just delete this post.


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