Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy April!

It's almost April! April is my second favorite month of the year. I've always wanted my children to be born in October and April, but I'm far too impatient to try to time it out! Maybe for babies number two and three. I wouldn't be able to wait one day past the agreed upon date... Even if that does mean baby number one would be born in a very random month. Anyways, I love April. It is beautiful! I love the rain it promises! The only thing I don't like is how all the worms come out. It smells and I have to really watch where I'm stepping.

Officially signing our lease tomorrow. It's been difficult trying to find a time when both Matt and I could go when the office was open. I'm ready to be done with this move already. I can't even imagine how much more stressful it will be when we go to buy a house someday! I'll enjoy setting up home, but I've grown set in my ways. I will miss the setup here... But I'm sure after about a week at the new place I won't even remember why!

Story of the day: ap this truck in front of my was driving under the speed limit and it was a passing zone. So I passed them. No issues. I pass a few more cars a little later when it became a regular two lane road. I pull into Kroger to get some groceries and guess who was there? The truck! Right behind my car, window down! Yup, they followed me! Even though they were at least three cars behind me! The woman in the passenger side said, "Was it worth risking all of our lives, you little b*tch!" I did not even glance her way or say anything. The truck didn't move at all while I was walking into the store, when I was getting a cart I saw them start to drive off. Ummm, really? Was it worth it to go out of their way to say that when I was passing in a legal zone and didn't go over the speed limit and there wasn't another car coming in the opposite direction of a long stretch of road? I of course, thought lots of hateful things back (of which I later repented...) but I'm glad I didn't say any of them at the time. My job has helped me learn how to hold my tongue. But really, what was their purpose in that? Would they have followed me to my house? What were they hoping to accomplish? Ok, they succeeded in obtaining a little fame on my blog... But definitely not anything positive! And they didn't do themselves any favors with the other customers in the parking lot who happened to witness the scene. Seriously, some people. (I immediately attach with that sentiment, Hicks!)

I've already read 2 books this week. I need to go to bed but I'm not tired yet. I want to start my next book... But I should go to bed. I should probably read my Bible instead. I often (quite often) feel guilty for the amount of pleasure reading I do compared to the amount of devo reading. It will probably only get worse when I have textbooks to add on top of that! I'll work on it.

Speaking of my books, I've been working my way through Madame Bovary. I find Emma rather annoying, so I don't read it all at once. But it's made me realize that I need to become more familiar with France. Maybe that's why I enjoy British Lit so much, I can imagine the places. I know all about Marseilles (that doesn't look like correct spelling) due to the Count of Monte Cristo, my favorite book. But that's about it. I don't know anything else about how France works or where these different towns and villages are. Oh well.

Time for bed. Like a good little worker bee.

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