Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fast paced

I have been very interested in a deep royal purple lately. Odd since I used to be very opposed to purple in general. Not as pretty or girly as pink and just plain ick. But now I love the deep shade. I almost bought a new winter coat in this color, but decided that I might change my mind. So a few new tops and a change of the blog and I have my purple fix.

I worked yesterday. And I'm schedule to work this weekend because I had to switch my Saturday rotation for when we go to California. I'm hoping we have this Saturday off for Easter. Either way I'll have a nice break. I have Friday off and Monday off. It would be extra extra nice if Saturday was proclaimed a holiday. My office doesn't announce things like that until about 2 days before. I'd love to go home for a long weekend if possible. I miss home.

Big news! We're moving next month! Our new lease begins April 15, but we're leaving for California the 16th. I'll probably try to take a carload or two to the new place on the 15th after work so we won't have as much to do when we get back. But that will give us a week to get everything else moved over before we have to be completely out of our current apartment. I will miss it here, but it is most definitely time for a change. A little more privacy, a little more space.

We are moving into a three bedroom townhouse just down the street from where we are now. We really like this area of town and it is just minutes from Matt's work. I love the layout of the townhouse. It has 1.5 baths, laundry, a separate dining room, a washing machine, and a nice little private patio where we can grill. Now, the patio is a bit small, but big enough for our purposes. And the full bath is extremely small, but why does the bathroom have to have lots of space? It will more than meet it's purpose. The bedrooms are perfectly sized. I'm not sure how we'll set everything up yet, but I'll have plenty of time to plan things out when we move. I'm not going to hang anything on the walls until I have everything mapped out how i want it. I made that mistake with this apartment. I don't want to have ugly nail holes and no pictures there! It is perfect because for now this will give us a wonderful Master bedroom, a guest room, and a separate office. And then someday we'll have a baby room, Master bedroom, and a guest room/ office. It is a beautiful set up and I am so excited.

It is a little stressful trying to figure out how best to move. I think we'll end up taking most of our stuff in our cars since it's just down the road. I don't want to have to box everything up when we're only moving 5 minutes away. So we'll probably throw everything in the cars and just set it in the living room until further notice. And then get a truck to cart over our furniture. I'm sure it will go much better than planned. I have a lot of original boxes from some of our kitchen stuff to make that easier to move. I don't know if I'll keep all of those still or just throw them out. I don't really want to store them anymore. And when we move next we'll hopefully be moving to Michigan and buying a house so we would probably just buy moving boxes anyways.

It's very exciting. There's a lot to work out still and it's a little stressful to try to plan to move in half a month... but it actually worked out perfectly. God is so good.

And today is Palm Sunday. It is rainy and dreary in Lynchburg. It must have broken His heart... and filled Him with joy all at once.

Hosanna in the highest!

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