Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a miserable day off

Today was my day off. Which means I have to work on Saturday. Bummer.

Some ants found their way into my kitchen, into my covered dish, and all over my rice krispies treats. Lovely. So no more rice krispies treats and I got to kill a bunch of ants.

Matt and I went to the range today. I did horrible. I was using the Glock 17. I think I'm getting used to the smaller one, the 26 I think. It fits my hand better. But that was a bummer. I shot 100 rounds. I was only pleased with the last 25. Stink.

Matt bought a new videogame today. Enough said.

We stupidly went to Petsmart. I fell in love with a kitty. We're going to get another one when we move, but we aren't allowed to have a second one where we live now. I think we should get her anyways and sneak her in. Her name is Misha (which we would keep), she's incredibly fluffy, has super large paws and big green eyes, super playful. Beautiful! Ugh, I can't wait two more months for another kitty! I love my Emily, but I also would love having two kitties to snuggle.

I was unable to find a suitable new swimsuit. I'll keep shopping. It's so disappointing that my favorites no longer fit. Anyone know a good way to drop 2 cup sizes in one month? Sigh.

I didn't get Panera for dinner. Which is always a tragedy.

I searched online for a bunch of different apartments, rental houses, and townhouses. It was frustrating. Either I didn't like the price, I didn't like the layout, there were no openings when we needed them, they didn't allow pets, or they didn't reply to my inquiries yet. Very frustrating. I know where I want to live... I just have to wait to hear if there is an opening for a 3 bedroom. I hate waiting. I've always been an impatient person. Stink.

And I've had a horrible neck/head ache for the past week. It comes and goes but disrupts my entire being. Makes it difficult to read, watch TV, focus on my job.

I'm sorry this is all me complaining. I've had a rough day. But God has always provided for me. Always. And I know he won't stop now. We'll find a place to live or we'll just stay here a little longer. Which isn't the worst situation in the world. I'll find a swimsuit or I won't. It's not exactly a need. I have one wonderful kitten and I am so blessed with her.

And I have a wonderful husband who loves and supports me. Especially when I'm being an angry, selfish person. Like today.

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