Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We're going to California is less than a month.

Yes, that's less than a month for me to get in bikini shape.

Dilemma arising!

I just tried on all my swimwear. All of it.

Not a single too fits me in a flattering way.

Too bad I'm not a little more hoochy.

My bottoms fits perfectly fine. That stinks. If only I could find identical tops in a larger size.

And I hate mix and matching swimwear. But it looks like I'll have to do it!

Where can I find a bunch of nice tops that are only in the colors and sizes I need?

People don't believe me when I say I literally was wearing bras that were two sizes too small. I don't know when the change happened but it is not welcome!

My friends say I should be thrilled. It's what most women wish for.

I loathe it.

I guess I'm buying some new swimwear. Which I hate buying because it's so expensive.

Maybe I'll just buy one new top to go with my bottoms and call it good.



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