Friday, March 05, 2010

what goes around

Another post from the blackberry. And I am very tired. Hopefully I spell everything right, but I might be too lazy to use proper punctuation all the time. We'll see. I really hate poor grammar and punctuation unless it is intentional.

Ugh. So I worked until 9 tonight. What a way to spend Friday night. And I work again tomorrow. So it's like I never left work since I only had time to eat something, make my dish for my dept. Potluck tomorrow, get ready for bed, and crawl in bed. And to top it all off... I think I'm getting sick.

I've had to constantly sneeze for the past week. One of those things where you feel like you have to sneeze for hours and looking at the light doesn't work. It starts to make your nose itch and run and feels like air is blowing threw it, in a not good way! If that makes sense. So that has been bothering me. Then the past two mornings my throat has been sore when I work up. Not like scratchy sore, but like I went to a sporting event and screamed my face off. Of course, not using proper cheerleading technique so my voice wasn't lost and my throat remained in tact. That's what it feels like. Plus when I swallow it feels like my throat it about the size of a watermelon.

Well, tonight I actually threw up. I was home and my stomach doesn't feel upset, but it is what it is. I don't like to take sick days so I can hopefully use them as vacation days later. So I'm definitely not calling in sick to work. Plus we're having a fun potluck tomorrow in my department since working on Saturdays stinks! I'm bringing rice krispies treats! And I feel bad boy going into work unless I have a really good reason. I mean, it is my job and that is where God has placed me for now. So I need to be a good little worker.

But I hate being sick. I hope this is the peak of the illness and I don't get any worse. Maybe I should try to find some meds to help. Sigh.

On the plus side, our tax return came in. I transfered it into our savings account so Matthew wouldn't tempt me with another gun or something fun and sparkly! It's so tempting when I look at our savings and know what fun things we could buy with all that money. But I know it will be worth it when we are able to move back to Michigan, buy the perfect house (I'm one of those who wants to buy the perfect house and stay there until retirement if possible! Matt doesn't think so. He wants to upgrade!), and have the babies we want, but the cars we want, and do all of this debt free! It sounds idealistic, but why shouldn't it be that way? We have zero debt now and if we keep saving like we have been and don't go overboard now while we're young, we should have zero debt when we move to Michigan to settle down permanently. And then we'l enter into a mortgage. Debt I look forward too! We've been blessed with no loans from undergrad, my job will pay for all of my grad school and most if not all of Matt's (depending on when I quit), and we'll be able to pay any difference ourselves that's left over from Matt's school anyways. Pie cars were both gifts to us from our parents and have a lot of life left in them. I can't imagine living under the chains of debt in our young marriage. It has definitely been a blessing.

And I am going to sleep.

Writing spothes my mind. Prepares me for slumber.

Sleep tight.

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