Friday, March 05, 2010

Spring time coming

So I rearranged my desk yesterday during work and after work. I was sick of the horrible glare on my screen when the sun in setting each and every day. I sit right next to the giant window in our office, which I love. But from 4:00-6:00 and sometimes even later, the sun is coming right into the opening in my cubicle and right on to my computer screen. Well now, it is about that time and my computer screen is safe and sound... but the sun is still shining and my eyes are agitated by it! So after work today (because in order to move my computer where it needs to go I need to unplug everything and move it to the second portion of my desk) I am going to rearrange my desk one again so that my back is to the sunshine and my screen is shielded by the wall of my cube. Sigh. And I just got everything situated nice and neat again. At times like this, I hate the sun. I wish the windows had blinds!

Nothing exciting has happened recently in the lives of the Ivesons. Our dear friends are having a baby boy! So excited and can't wait for July! We went on a shooting date with those friends which was so much fun! Matt's sister and her husband came to visit. His brother is getting married... well, actually by now he is probably married... today so they were in Lynchburg for a few days. We went out for dinner. It was so nice seeing them since it's been awhile. And we're so happy Josh is safe and sound back from Iraq with his little wifey. We've realized that May will be here sooner than we think and we're trying to find our next living environment. Unfortunately, I keep finding amazing houses I want! But we're not buying in Lynchburg. No, we're out of here as soon as possible! We have a handful of good options and we're still looking. It's nice to have options. I am so ready to move, to not live under someone else, to redecorate and buy a new/ bigger bed, and to paint the walls! Yes, I am a girly girl and that excites me to know end. Matt realized a few other career options for him by talking to his patients at the hospital! Sometimes he has funny stories about the manic patients, but other times the patients are very helpful. Again, it's nice to have options! My parents are back in the US after a successful trip to Mexico. And I miss my family and my nieces and nephews- I say nieces in the hopes that in a few more months I'll officially have one more niece! That is our life update.

15 more minutes of lunch. 3.5 hours left of shift. Working tomorrow, but we're having a party.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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