Friday, February 26, 2010

They're Baaaack

The neighbors just walked in the door upstairs. I can hear them... like always. They have all hard wood floors just like we do. Which is nice in look, but hard on the ears of those living in the basement apartment. Sigh. Only a couple more months and we'll be moving. Either to a townhouse, a rental house, or a very nice quite apartment complex where you don't hear the tromping around of your neighbors. It's been a nice break. The neighbors went to NC for a couple weeks to escape the snow "storm". So it was nice and quite and peaceful. I had forgotten what it was like to have them upstairs. Again, sigh.

I feel a cold coming on. I blame the wind. It has been incredibly windy in Lynchburg lately. I do not care for wind. A few times as I was walking from work to my car I almost was pushed over by the wind. It is that strong. I feel this itching in my back of my throat. Not the kind where you have to cough or clear your throat constantly. It feels like there are little bugs walking up and down in my throat and when I swallow everything feel swollen- and probably is. Hopefully if I brush my teeth extra and use lots of mouth wash and drink lots of orange juice... those things combined will put to death the germies in my mouth. I know, that is disgusting. I hate germs. I should start taking my vitamins daily again. Just because I don't work at a preschool anymore is no excuse. People are still around me every day and they definitely still have germs of their own.

I have done a very bad thing. I am still reading Uncle Tom's Cabin. I haven't truly sat down and had a good read in about a week. I am enjoying it a lot. It is very informative and makes me feel a lot of different emotions all at once, a must for a good read. But... my mind has wandered. And I have started reading Ender's Game... tonight. Which means I will probably go through and read the entire Ender Series and Bean Series. Which definitely isn't a bad thing. But that means poor Uncle Tom will probably be set aside for awhile. And there are two Ender books that Matt and I need to buy still! I'm hoping to be to that point by our California trip so I can have something new and interesting to read. The Ender/Bean books are quick reads so it is definitely possible. So we're planning on naming our dogs someday Ender and Valentine (we'd name our children that but it seems a little out there), I thought we should either get a small dog (because the other two would be German Shepherds) or another small cat and name it Bean. Matt thought that was a stupid idea. I think it would be cute. We'd have the gorgeous Ender and Valentine and raise the kitten with the dogs so they were great friends. So Bean would be fitting. Emily will still be queen of the house though. I don't think she will ever get along with any other animals. Unfortunately.

This might be incredibly dorky, but I love the feeling of balancing my checkbook! Now, in truth I don't actually balance it. We do our banking online and I don't keep track of all our purchases in my little booklet. But I do keep tabs on our expenses. And I write down all our checks and bills and keep those sorted. Then I go in every few weeks and make sure everything looks set and correct and everything has come through and is finalized. And I love that feeling! Seeing that all our expenses have been paid for and that we have come out of another month ahead of what we anticipated. That we're able to set aside a good portion towards savings (never can have too big of a down payment or nest egg!) and still have fabulous dates every month! We usually go shooting once or twice (which isn't cheap) and then we go to a movie whenever there's a good one in the theaters and then we go out to dinner way more than should be allowable. Honestly, I don't know how all our ends meet with so much to spare. We have been so blessed. Maybe that's why I enjoy working with our finances so much. God has been so good to us. So so good. And this is just one little reminder.

My parents have been in Mexico for the past little while at the hospital down there. It always seems SO long when they go. I can't imagine what it would be like if they moved down there. Would make for some nice vacations, but we wouldn't have as much time to communicate as we do now. I don't think they're serious about it, especially since they have grandbabies and we're set to add some actual babies to the mix here shortly... but it is definitely a possibility. It's always a possibility. Their heart is in Mexico and God has blessed them in their endeavors there. The hospital is even more beautiful than I thought! I can't wait to go visit. I don't know when that will be, but hopefully sooner rather than later. It is such an incredible thing. I always just took it for granted that my parents ran missions trips and would go to Mexico several times a year. It seemed normal to me for people's parents to build hospitals in other countries because that was always a part of my life. Now I realize how blessed I was with my parents. I have learned so much from them. And God has blessed our family greatly through their sacrifice for Him. But it isn't really a sacrifice. It is an honor. A blessing in and of itself. It is amazing.

Time for some fruity pebbles and some more Ender. 2 more hours and Matt will be home. I always try to stay up for him when I don't have to work in the mornings. I usually don't quite make it though. Working opposite schedules stinks. I am excited for when we see each other every day.

One last thought: I really love my husband. I was asked the other day if I was happy that I got married. I said yes. Then I was skeptically asked "Really?" Quite seriously. Yes, I am completely and entirely happy that I got married and got married when I did. It has been such an amazing experience. Some people say I can't quite talk about the complete wonderfulness I think of marriage since it's only been 1.5 years. They want to wait to see where we are in 30 years. But what they have to understand is that love is an action, yes, but it is also a choice. And I choose to love Matthew so completely. With everything I have. And it's not even difficult. It makes me a better person and makes me so much happier. I act selfishly sometimes in our marriage and that leaves me feeling upset and hateful towards him and myself. But when I am serving him, when I am making him dinner or doing his laundry or listening to him or letting him buy a new video game, I have a great joy. That is what marriage is. Joy. It is a representation of Christ and the church after all.

That opens up another whole post. Maybe someday I'll post about that.

For now, I need fruity pebbles.

Good night.

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