Friday, February 26, 2010


... And again, ugh. That pretty much sums up this day.

I love it when I'm asked to work 2 extra hours. I didn't have much planned since Matt had to work tonight, but I wanted to do pilates and read since I haven't read much the past couple of days. But no, I was stuck at work until 9. And since I wasn't planning on it, I had a horrible dinner that made me slightly sick. And I drank coffee for dinner which means I can't sleep. And I have the early shift tomorrow. Yup, a compilation of several bad things.

But a good thing, I had my monthly coaching session. I'm doing well at my job. I could be doing better, but I'm doing well. I have next month to improve. I'm getting to the point where I don't even have to think about what I'm doing at work. It's kind of nice, but the days seem to drag on since I say the same things day in and day out. But at least I'm doing well.

Matt thinks he might be able to switch shifts with someone for the weekend of Kristin's wedding. That is very good news. I'm kind of to the point right now where going to the wedding alone is a very bad option in my opinion. Gas money and the hotel and the loneliness. Yeah, not sure about that. I could always drive down Saturday and then leave before the end of the reception and come home. No hotel fee then. I just hope Matt can come. I don't mind spending the money if we can have a nice weekend getaway.

We had another bug issue the past few days. Living in a basement apartment definitely has it's draw backs. I'm very ready to move. I really want a rental house. But most rental houses in this area are older so we could have bugs or old plumbing. Of course, I would clean, but it would still be "rotten". Matt would rather spend more money for a smaller place but have it be new and nice. Sometimes I agree. But I have a plan and that includes three bedrooms, a garage, and a yard for a dog. Haha. Maybe we'll go for a three bedroom new apartment or something and wait for the others until we buy a house someday. Sigh. I guess the baby won't take up too much room.

Baby meaning future baby who will live in our future house. Again, long sigh. I keep telling myself that I'm younger than others who are pregnant or trying so it doesn't matter, but I don't feel younger. Only 15 more months. Doesn't seem that long... Kind of.

Good night.

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