Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Of Exercise

I've always been a pretty small person... well, minus my ginormous calves that I hate with a passion. But of course, with strong legs I am able to walk and run and hop and skip and dance. So I really shouldn't complain. But we all have our sore spots on our bodies. But anyways, I've always been a small person. Never had any trouble with keeping my weight in order. Even now, I'm at a very conservative weight- even though it is the highest my scale has ever read. I have fluctuated between 15 pounds since 7th grade. Right now I'm at the height of that 15 pound mark. Not preferable. I have been determined to lose that 15 pounds and get back to the bottom of that fluctuation... possibly even lower. But, I don't think I need to weight less than I was in junior high. So I'll be content with that original weight. No, I'm not posting numbers, sorry. But it's probably a lot lower than you think because most people think I'm crazy for being frustrated with my weight! Anyways, I've lost 2 pounds in as many days. Amazing. The point being, I have become lazy with my exercise. In junior high and high school I didn't have a single day when I wasn't a part of some sports team or another. Even during the summer I would spend 4-8 hours a day playing tennis to prepare for the season. And since cheerleading was my passion, I would constantly be stretching and doing jumps. As a flyer I needed to keep my weight as low as possible at all times. In college I continued to go to the gym with my friends since it was free. Plus I was walking all over campus which was constant movement.

Now, I have a desk job where I sit all day and it takes a lot for me to get to the gym when I just want to go home and read a book and go to bed. I go to the gym at least once a week but I want to push it to doing some form of workout every single day, even if it is only an hour of stretching. I have that Pilates video to do when I can't make it to the gym, I've been going to the gym more regularly and am getting back in shape to enjoy the exercise and exertion, and my waistline shows it! Like I said, I have lost 2 pounds in as many days. That was the past couple of days. Overall the results have been even better. I don't plan to lose a pound a day, but it sure has been encouraging the past 2 days. And yes, 15 pounds isn't that much and won't show that much of a difference- you might not even be able to tell at all. But I know I should be that lower weight and there's not reasons for me not to be there. I'm my own worst enemy. Plus, if I don't take control of this now it might steadily climb to heavier weights which would be terrible. I have pretty fast metabolism, but I need to help myself in every way I can.

That being said, I ran 5K in under 23 minutes yesterday. A great feeling. I set it up for a 5K program and went and went and went. Sure, I almost threw up afterwards and felt like I was going to pass out... but knowing I could do that was enough. I won't try to do that every trip to the gym, but it's a good feeling. I have been doing more abdominal work also. I usually did 8 minute abs but I've been increasing my reps and doing a few more variations. Definitely helping slim up my middle.

Sure, working out isn't the most fun thing to do all the time. But I feel great. I know everyone says that and it sounds phony. But it's so true. I feel better and more alert, but I also feel much more confident. It's been a good experience.

Plus the stretching has really helped me loosen up. I've always had troubles with my left knee (it would always pop funny when I would stretch it or do heel stretches), but regularly stretching it has decreased the soreness and kept it from stopping up as much.

And my lunch is almost over, It is just a good feeling, which is cause for a post.

Happy Tuesday.

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