Thursday, March 11, 2010

Five Hundred and One

This is my five hundred and first post. Whoop. Remember when everyone was on xanga and they got so excited to hit the 100 post mark? Oh high school.

This has been a miserable week. Utterly and completely miserable. I got a fairly bad cold on Thursday of last week. It continued to get worse all weekend. Sunday I woke up, went to church, ate lunch, took a nap, woke up for 1 hour, and then went back to bed until work the next morning. And I still felt exhausted at work. I went home 2 hours early. The rest of the week has been up and down. One day my throat will hurt, the next I'll be so stuffed up I can hardly talk to the students. I work in a call center so this is very important. The next day my head felt so heavy I could hardly lift it up and my vision was blurry. The next day My neck was so sore I could barely concentrate. I have tomorrow off. I was supposed to be traveling to spend an amazing weekend with my husband in South Carolina for Kristin's wedding. Well, Matt couldn't get off of work so I'm going by myself on Saturday and leaving to drive back home when it's done. As long as I'm not dying from cold-ness. It's good I have tomorrow off to rest though. I have 1.5 days rollover from 2009 since I only became eligible for any personal days on December 28. So it's not like I'm using one of my precious 15 personal/vacation days for the year. Sigh.

On the plus side, I've still been able to read through Speaker for the Dead even though I've been sleeping much more than usual. Orson Scott Card is a literary genius. And I was a good girl and made myself finish Uncle Tom's Cabin before I continued on with the Ender series. Let's just say that were we living when the book was originally published I would be furious. I still am furious. I cannot believe humanity allows that to happen. I know it still happens in other places in the world and that disgusts me. It really spoke to my heart and my faith. I want to have faith like Uncle Tom. I wonder how I would do in similar situations. We are so inbred with entitlement. To be a slave to another and to go through the suffering and the agony of their lives. I would definitely not do well. I am so blessed.

Another plus for this week, I found someone to switch my Saturday rotation for the week we are going to California! I could have used another vacation day, but that would definitely not be preferable. I am so thankful to work with understanding people. I have been truly blessed in that aspect. I may not always enjoy my work and talking on the phone all day is not where I would choose to be in a job, but I work with a great group of people and it has been so much fun getting to know them. They encourage me and lift me up when I am feeling unwell emotionally or spiritually. It has been a blessing indeed.

It has been a long day. I started at 10 and work until 7. I am on lunch right now. When I get back to work I will have 3 hours left of my shift. It already seems like it's been a full day. Sigh. Well at least tonight I can relax and sleep in tomorrow morning. I refuse to continue being sick any longer!

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