Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day and Good Friends

Valentine's Day was delightful. We stayed home because we didn't want to go out with a whole bunch of other lovey-dovey people dressed in red (but I still wore a red dress). I had planned to make a rack of lamb... but the store was out. I was disappointed. We made steak instead. With baked potatoes, zucchini, cabbage, and rolls. A lot of food for two small people! It was delicious all the same. We then watched Aristocats. Yes, that's right. The neighbors have it and I hadn't seen it in years. So I wanted to watch it. And my husband watched it with me. It was a good time! I know, sounds kind of silly, but that's how we do! I got a beautiful potted orchid for my desk at work. It is white with red and yellow in the center. With five blossoms right now. The pot is beautiful gold, my favorite! Our real presents were my sparkly diamond and a new video game for him... but we both got our presents weeks ago so it was kind of anti-climatic. But what is Valentine's day anyways? We love each other each and every day so it's not really that special of a day. But it is fun all the same.

It is snowing in Lynchburg again. I doubt we'll have any delays or closings this time for work. But it is beautiful. I have come to enjoy the snow. I don't like how it freezes though and then I slip and slide and there's no place to walk clearly. But oh well. It is beautiful while it is falling. So I will enjoy it for now. I like having a window view from my desk.

I had a good conversation with my very best friend, Mabsy yesterday. She is great. Truly I couldn't be more blessed with a best friend. I can't ever remember having a fight with her. And we've been best friends since freshman year of high school. How many friends can say that? She is just such an encouragement to me and she is always so optimistic. Even when she's going through a difficult time she tries to stay upbeat. She is a very strong woman and I am so proud to be her friend. I have been feeling kind of low lately because of some issues I've had with other friends, but at least I will always have my Mabsy. She is just so great. I hope you all have as great a best friend as I.

I can't believe we're already halfway through February! I'm so glad this year has been going quickly. In March is Kristin's wedding which will be a good time. I really hope my husband can go with me. It wouldn't be as much fun for me if he can't. Then in April we're going to California. Amazing. I am so excited. In April or May I'm going to a beach house with my married girl friends. So much fun. In May we'll hopefully move to a better home. Then in June is our 2 anniversary. Wow, it seems like we've been married for so much longer than that! July bring Baby Puig. So excited! August is my 23rd birthday. Makes me feel old. September is when I would be able to transfer jobs if I want to. Not sure if I will want to or not, but it will be nice to have that possibility! October is my favorite month so that will be nice. I love autumn! November will be Matt's birthday and possibly a trip home to Michigan. December will be Christmas with all of Matt's family here! And then we're in 2011! Which hopefully will bring many great little bundles of joy to the Iveson household! haha. Yes, indeed that is my countdown for the year.

And it's already halfway through February! When did that happen?

Happy snowy day!

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