Monday, February 15, 2010

Utterly Disgusting!

I am scheduled to work the late shift tomorrow. So I decided to busy myself with my "spring cleaning". I have already gone through my wardrobe and extricated the old items that never get worn. They have yet to be deposited to Goodwill. But I decided it was time to de-clutter. I have accumulated a lot of knick knacks. Some of which I love and make cute little decorations. Some of which are entirely pointless and I don't even like. After going through all of my desk stuff and my bill pile (I pay my bills and throw the stubs in this basket by my desk... I haven't gone through and organized it in over a year)... my desk looks MUCH better. I always had it organized, but it looks very empty now. Very "real simple". So much stuff that I'll never use again. A lot of college things, like binders and notebooks. I saved what was worth saving but tossed all the old and useless. I have a lot of art supplies that I couldn't throw out, but I don't know when I'll have the time to use them again.

And that's when it happened. I was feeling pretty good about myself. I had a handful of things to put in my storage units in the downstairs closet, so I went to put them away. If you've never seen out basement, it is fairly nice. We could make it a lot better but we just don't care. Our landlords apparently don't care either because there are holes in the walls and it hasn't had a good cleaning in a long time. I mean, I clean it, but it needs a good re-painting to spruce it up. And I won't pay for that. Anyways, so I go to pull out the storage containers and see a spider. Gross. I hate spiders. So I work up the courage to dispose of it. Normally Matthew has to do this but he's not home. So I pull out the containers and guess what I found! Remember when Matthew left an empty coke can on his desk and there were thousands of ants all over? Well, I found them... all dead! Blood sucked out and not in a "sexy vampire" kind of way (because apparently vampires are sexy now... gag). There were about thirty spiders in all. Not exaggerating! Lots of little nests and a lovely egg sack that thankfully had not yet hatched. About five giant daddy spiders that were so disgusting! And thousands of little ants all piled up under the webs. It was so so so disturbing! I pulled everything out of the closet and wiped everything down. Then I set to ridding the spiders of their home and life. I got out my trusty yellow gloves and tore them limb from limb. It was so gross. So so gross. I cannot emphasize enough! And this must have happened recently! I think they came from the tent bag we have now. My parents brought a tent for us the last time they visited. There's a huge hole in the bottom and I swear the spiders came from there. I take things out of that closet fairly often so I would have noticed if the spider colony had been there long. It was so gross. Obviously I don't clean my closets out enough. It is embarrassing that I let this happen. When I clean my house every weekend, I don't do the closets. I sweep them out every once in awhile but it's took much work to move everything to check all the corners. Well, now checking corners will be a weekly occurrence like any other!

So gross. I have a few more chores to do tonight and then bed. I am in ultra clean mode. Everything must be cleaned. Well, the bathroom I'm leaving for another day. I don't feel like changing into super suddsy clothes.

I feel like the spiders and ants are crawling all over me! You better believe the trash is going out tonight! I won't have any dead spiders crawling out of the garbage to revenge themselves on me while I sleep!

Never again. I will clean my house immaculately every day from now on.

That's the worst.

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