Friday, February 19, 2010

good things

First off, a funny story. Emily apparently peed all over her cushion in our bedroom... Again. This is the third time. So we finally threw it out instead of washing it. We'll get her another one. But I liked that cushion. We have another but that's her living room cushion. But then, she was sitting on the toilet... And she fell in! So funny! She was looking into the toilet right afterwards like "what happened?" haha. She needs a bath tonight. She won't like that.

I got some new things! Yay! I got a nice green may for the center of our kitchen table. I got a new set of salt and pepper shakers. I love them. Perfection. I got a pilates video for when I'm too lazy to drive to the gym. And of course, fruity pebbles! Yes, I get excited over little things. I also bought some nice black frames for Matt and my diplomas. Also a container for Emily's food. Yay for house stuff.

Yesterday I took my first sick day. Ugh. My stomach hurt all day today. It felt like someone punched me. I hate being sick. And tired. Hopefully this weekend I'll get lots of needed sleep.

Tomorrow I'm going to pick up my new mac desktop! Woot! Some friends from Michigan who also go to Liberty brought it down for me when they visited home last weekend. I'm so excited to set it up and get everything working. It'll be nice to have a new computer that doesn't take an hour to turn on and another hour to load anything.

The end for now.

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