Sunday, February 21, 2010

New finds

This has been a very good weekend. It may sound superficial, but I have had a wonderful weekend because of some new items I have acquired.

First, my parents were able to send down my new imac with some church friends who just happened to be making a quick trip home and attend Liberty. I picked it up yesterday and set it up on my desk. Since it is much larger than my laptop, I have had to rearrange my desk space slightly to accomodate it. It is beautiful and fast and much better than my old computer. Matt says it's better than his computer which he custom made! He wants to load some of his video games on here. Yeah, not likely. Since I haven't really used a mac before, I'm still learning all the different prompts and short cuts. But so far, I'm loving it. I'm glad I have a couple months to get used to everything before I have to start up my grad work. This had been my mom's computer for a couple of months and she decided she didn't like it. So they gave it to me. Matt and I were planning on buying me a new computer since mine is on it's last little bit of life, so this was such a nice surprise! Saves us a lot of money! It's the newest version of the imac and is a 21.5 in screen. Very nice. It is amazing and I am so grateful to my parents!

I also made a run to goodwill and found some amazing deals. I got three candle holders for our living room coffee table. We have a lot of candles but no candle holders or plates. When our power went out and I lit candles everywhere I just set them on dinner plates so the wax wouldn't drip! This is much better and now I can enjoy candles all the time! I also found a vase that looks identical to the vase I placed my bridal bouquet in at our reception. My mom didn't think to save the vase so I wasn't able to keep it. She just let people take any of the centerpieces they wanted sine we didn't have any use for 20+ vases. I was so happy to find this as I loved the vase and it was something from our wedding I wasn't able to keep. I also found a tall white vase like one I had seen at the store that I coveted. I found a large silver tray with a filigree design over the bed. It is beautiful and perfect for tea time. I love me my tea! I found a small white creamer that is mostly for decoration since I already have several creamers, but it was cute. And also a little tan candle holder that I'm not sure what I'll use it for. But for a couple cents, I'll take it! I found a shallow wide dish for potpourri and a silver thick bowl that I plan to use for wrapped candies. Little things that help make our house a home and when they're less than a dollar each are wonderful finds. They make me happy. I also found the perfect summer/ California purse. I had been wanting a straw purse for awhile for summer time. The ones I would find would either be too flimsy, too expensive, or have no clasp so everything could easily fall out of it. I found the perfect purse and am so glad I found it before our California trip! So excited! And then I bought 4 dresses as well. Some for California and some just for every day wear. It's difficult finding dresses that come to my knees so I can wear them to work. I found a bunch of cute ones that were about 2 inches above the knees. Sigh. Someday when I'm not working at Liberty anymore I can wear those dresses. Until then, it would be a waste of money. Even if it is at goodwill!

So I had a productive weekend. I also saw New Moon with a friend who likes Twilight. I had borrowed the first movie from her and was extremely disappointed. It was far worse than I had anticipated. I understand that the movie was low budget and it was experimental since they weren't sure how the response would be to it. I feel like the acting was poor, the characters didn't understand the book (since most of them hadn't read it), the direction was terrible (I watched the special features and the director didn't even seem to know anything about the basic story), and it just looked poor quality. Plus, I don't think any of the characters are attractive. The redeeming qualities were Carlisle, Charlie, and Alice. I enjoyed their performances. But even the slight love story aspect of Twilight was lost. It didn't seem to flow and there was no "pitter patter" throughout the entire movie. It was too jerky. In my opinion.

Now for New Moon. It was much better than the first movie. The acting was better. The filming itself was much better quality. And it seemed to fit with the book much better overall. I wasn't too impressed with the wolves. It's kind of the same way I feel about Aslan. They just could have been so much better. In my ind it had been much more impressive. But that doesn't really matter. Since I saw it at the dollar theater I don't feel like my money was wasted. I still don't understand everyone who goes all crazy about the books and movies. Sine I am an avid reader and prefer classical literature maybe that's the problem. But it wasn't horrible. Not as good as everyone made it out to be. Hopefully the third movie will have an even higher budget to make it a good movie. Oh yes, and the whole Team Edward/ Jacob thing... umm... yeah. Ridiculous. Neither are attractive. Edward just isn't attractive at all. I didn't think he was attractive as Cedric Diggory either. I mean, he of course isn't ugly, but he's not the picture of perfection I imagined the character being. Doesn't make me swoon. And then there's Jacob. I just can't get past his nose! And he's so young. It's laughable. Yes, after he turns wolf he has a very nice body. And the chopping of his hair definitely helped. But I think the other guys in the pack were more attractive. Again, just my opinion. Probably why I wasn't over enthused about the movies. But hey, the rest of the world apparently goes crazy over the slightest thought of these two. It's a mystery to me.

More to come. Right now, time to run some errands. Lots to do still on this Sunday afternoon.

Goodbye weekend. It's been nice.

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