Wednesday, February 10, 2010

better off

A few good episodes of Sherlock Holmes and a viewing of Moulin Rouge later... And I'm in better spirits. But I am very glad I have tomorrow off. I'm definitely not ready to deal with frustrated and even more frustrating students tomorrow! And since we've had so many delays and closings lately due to the weather, tomorrow if we're supposed to work a 9 hour day regardless of when we open. Kind of stinks for people who made plans for after their shift since the office isn't opening until 10. Very glad I have tomorrow off either way.

By episodes of Sherlock Holmes, I mean in the book. It's a collection of his adventures since they were originally published separately. I have been reading this for a while (about a week and a half) but took a break from it this weekend and read two sappy romances. Quick and sweet and a nice break. But I do recommend the adventures of Holmes. Such clever stories. Of course, since they're fiction it must have been easy to write backwards making up the pieces so they'd fit together in the end. But still very clever. Makes me miss Britain. Maybe it's about time for another visit!

On a side note: my friends truly are so very important to me. That's why it hurts when the feeling isn't reciprocated. It's even worse when the person doesn't realize they're doing it. They just forget about my existence until they happen to stumble upon my facebook page or when they are my phone number in their phone. If I've ever treated you this way, I am deeply sorry. I know I am not a perfect friend by any means. I hope to try to protect my friends from this pain I feel at all costs. Because I love you. I do.

And I love my husband who has been an amazing support. He made us beef brisket and mashed potatoes for dinner and nothing was ruined! He did a great job! And all because I was extremely upset and mopey and he wanted to do something nice for me. I know, I have it good. And really, what are friends when you have such an amazing husband?

The end.

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