Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My boring life...

Not really, I quite enjoy my life actually. But what with the other blogs I read of people moving, getting new jobs, and of course, getting pregnant... my life does seem rather full in comparison. Sigh. Well, we will be moving "soon" and then after that comes the graduate work and then after that comes the baby. And I know it will all be here before I know it.

Is it bad when I am so absorbed in my book that I have to force myself to stop reading to go to bed... spend time with my friends... spend "time" with my husband? Yes, it is that bad. And unfortunately, the only book that hasn't held me spellbound in the past couple of years has been Moby Dick. Every other book I've read has been wonderful and amazing. I may not necessarily recommend the books I read all the time and I may not rave over them... but they have been enjoyable reads and as reading is one of my favorite things to do it generally leaves little time for anything else. Sometimes I forget to eat because I'm so absorbed in my book!

Currently, I am reading Pride and Prejudice. Classic. I am about 95% positive I have read it before. I have read the other five in the past four months... Emma I read every year usually twice. But I am not positive that I have read Pride and Prejudice in it's entirety. Why bother when there are two excellent versions of the film? I mean, Emma is also one of my favorite films but I still read the book over and over. But I must say, I do love Pride and Prejudice. Even though Emma is my favorite Austen and Mansfield Park is my second... and Persuasion is my third... (I'll stop here... but Sense and Sensibility is by FAR my least favorite), Mr. Darcy is the most charming leading male. I think it's because I always was attracted to arrogance... well, to a certain extent. (But Matthew is not arrogant at all, interesting) But Darcy far exceeds Edward, Edmund... all those other romanticals. Absolutely no competition. I love his literary character far better than the theatrical version as well. I love how difficult it is for him to allow himself to fall in love with Elizabeth. You don't see that side of him in the movies. Basically you think he hates her and then suddenly, after spending an afternoon with her, he loves her. It's much more of a battle in the book. Oh Jane Austen, if she would have lived longer imagine the great works she would have accomplished! But, I must be satisfied with these six. If you have not read all of her works then you are missing some of the best literature of all time. In my opinion at least.

Basically though, I have my ladies night with my dear friends tonight. We are going to a downtown coffee shop and we always have a wonderful time. I am going because I miss it extremely when I don't go... but I would LOVE to just stay home all night and read read read. How work and life get in the way of my reading!

Also, I am in need of yet another book shelf. We started with one large one when we were first married. We bought a second one last year. I got rid of some of my older teen books. And still... my book shelves are over filled once again! I don't like the library (I think it's gross because you don't know where those books have been or who has handled them) so I buy books as I go... someday I hope to have an actual library in my house with floor to ceiling shelves along the walls. And yes, we will have one of those ladders attached to the walls that go around the entire room. It will be a glorious day. My dad had a library in the house I spent the first seven years of my life in. It was beautiful. I need one. Need.

Well, I am at work now on my lunch break. Yet again. Work work work. I have started to honestly enjoy my job lately. That has been a blessing. It is always nice to not dread going into work every morning with every fiber of your being. I came in early this morning and that means I get to leave early too. One large cup of coffee in the morning and I'm good to go. It's so worth it when I get my afternoon and evening.

One last thing that I haven't posted about. Ladies- you will understand. So I finally purchased my first VS undergarments the other day. I have lingerie from their, but never saw the need for bras there. But I only wear panties from there. You would've thought that before now I would have figured out to buy everything there. Anyways, I was 2 sizes off in my cup size (or I have been growing again), and the fit is now so much more comfortable and the bras are amazing. It was a good decision. I actually bought only 1 cup size from what I used to because I'm hoping to lose some weight and we all know what goes first. But it still fits well enough. No overlapping. But I was so surprised that I was 2 full cups larger than I thought! No wonder I was having so many issues! So VS saved the day! Thank you.

The end.

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