Friday, January 08, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The things we'll laugh about someday...

First week of January down. Grade: B. Not the best of weeks. I was terribly tired most days. Might have been the fact that I haven't had a proper work out this whole week, just some crunches here and some stretches there. Might have been that I was too absorbed in my current read to go to bed at a decent hour. Might have been that I had horrific dreams including an old friend from elementary school, a coworker, some characters from Full House (I've been watching those seasons in the my free time), George Mason from 24's son (so random), lots of zombie-like creatures, my very best friends, boats, living through a live horror movie... and going back for the sequel, choosing to take one for the team, and ending up married and enslaved to the aforementioned coworker... even though I was most obviously married to Matthew, and a scarecrow (which for those of you who don't know, I had a recurring nightmare for two years of my childhood about a scarecrow). Now, these were not all together and were spaced throughout a few different nights, but together they were enough to make my work week feel miserable. It wasn't the actual work I was doing. It wasn't that we were busier than we have been. It was that I was so exhausted from waking up every few hours between dreams that I would start drifting on phone calls and my computer screen would blur together. Not good. But I'm also not one to take a sick day unless I really need it. I would rather save those days up and take a vacation later. But all in all, not a horrible first week in twenty ten. I'll sleep a lot tonight and make up for it.

And yes, I am extremely tired right now. It's is half past nine and I could sleep quite peaceably. But since Matt and I work opposing schedules, I haven't seen him in quite awhile. Well, that's a lie. I ate dinner with him at the hospital on my way home. But I haven't been able to spend any real time with him in a few days. Here's a rather laughable example.

First off, the GOOD. The amazing. The make-my-whole-year event! My new diamond came in! I got the call on Tuesday afternoon. When I got off work I listened to the voicemail and almost got in three accidents on the way to the mall to pick it up. My wedding ring looked completely transformed! The center diamond was almost overwhelming at first! It took me 1.5 days to get used to the size! My engagement band and wedding band had a lovely rhodium treatment before the new diamond was fixed. Everything looks simply marvelous. Perfect. Happy Anniversary to me! (6 months early)

Now for the BAD. Matthew needed a haircut that night. No big deal. I was so excited about my ring that I forgot one teeny tiny detail. I needed to put the No. 3 clip on the razor before I started cutting! Yup, you guessed it. I did sweep number one and... well, he almost walked around with a nice bald streak for awhile. We finished cutting his hair like normal. He was going to let the streak grow out. He was pretty upset.

Then the things we'll laugh about someday. After a little while, he decided maybe I should just buzz it all off. He had been wanting to do it but we always decided we liked his hair too much. So... I buzzed it! Yup, I had a hairless husband there for a day or so! And I think he looks pretty good. I prefer him with hair, but it's nice for a change. Of course, he's growing it right back out. But it looks good. He has a nice shaped scalp.

Now, this is how you can tell I haven't seen him in a few days. When I met him for dinner I was amazed at how much his hair had grown! I didn't expect to see a difference but it has definitely been growing! He'll be full headed again soon! It was a good feeling. And at least we're smiling about it now!

So if i got my 2 Year Anniversary present early... so did he. It just makes sense. He got handgun number 2. A HK USP .40 cal. Yeah, it's smaller and more powerful and apparently amazing. Matt couldnt' stop playing with it when we got home! We never have a loaded gun in the house (that's only if someone is stupid enough to try to rob us), but he sure likes to hold it and clean it! We went shooting with it right after. I do better with the Glock, but he does better with the HK. That should make it nice for when we can go shooting together. We can each have one to shoot. So now he has two handguns. He plans on getting his concealed weapons permit soon so he can carry it around with him. It must be some kind of testosterone thing. But I'm very satisfied with my ring, he's very satisfied with his gun.

And that has been our first week of twenty ten. Oh yeah, I've also gone through three books and Matt had an amazing game of COD: 81 kills and 2 deaths. We feel pretty accomplished!

One week down... fifty-one to go. Twenty ten will be good. Twenty eleven will be good-er!

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