Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another hump day

It is Wednesday. I am on my lunch break at work. I am making outbound calls all day today (at my job we do this once a week generally, instead of taking inbound calls). That means I have an early lunch and basically am getting yelled at all day since most of the students I am calling have extenuating circumstances which prevents them from doing financial check in for their courses with us. Now, I don't enjoy being yelled at about this because most of them have had months to sort out their various issues but have only begun to do this in the past two weeks. So really, it is their fault that the issues have not been taken care of. Or, they failed all of their courses in their previous semester so they were placed on academic suspension and need to appeal this or pay for their courses themselves without financial aid. Well, maybe they shouldn't have failed their courses or maybe online schooling isn't the right path for them. Of course, I can't tell them that. All I can do is apologize for their frustrations and make sure all documents are in and tell them they might need to postpone starting their courses until our February start date. Of course, they are not happy about this. Sigh. Since I am a fairly sensitive person, after most of these calls I feel like crying. And then I take another call with an irate student. Sounds like a productive day, huh? I was placed on outbound calls yesterday also since the person who was scheduled on it called in sick. So I have had 2 days straight of unfortunate calls. Sigh.

On a happier note, on Monday I went over to a friend's house who had recently cleared out their closet! I love it when that happens! I was able to get a full load of sweaters (mainly cardigans... and you all know how I feel about cardigans!), a few tees, and a handful of skirts. I spent the rest of the night finding space for them in my closet (I had to clear out some old stuff also. I had a lot of clothes that were falling into disrepair- I have a lot of clothes from high school still- or that had some form of stain on them. goodbye old nasty clothes!) and tucking in the skirts so they fit me perfectly! I am so glad I know how to sew. I cannot wait to have a sewing machine and a sewing room! That will be a happy day! Hopefully next house--- this May! So thank you, Ashley, for my wonderful new wardrobe! I love new to me clothes!

I had been planning on purchasing a macbook once I was getting ready to begin my graduate work. This would probably be in April since I'll be beginning courses in May. I have been going back and forth though. For my current needs, a new HP would be perfect. I won't really need the video or photo editing software until babies enter our family. At that point it would probably be more profitable to just purchase a mac desktop. Bigger screen and much more space. Plus it's less expensive. Decisions decisions. My hubband would be so happy if I chose a HP to start with because he can use it too. Mainly for his computer games when we go on trips. I do love my HP... sadly, it is just dying. Literally. It takes about an hour for it to boot up and then it takes about another hour for each individual page to open. I love the actual computer and it has served me well. I received it in the spring of 2005 so it has had a longer life than typical for laptops. Well, I have a few more months to make my final decision. I have been so stuck on macbooks that it seems a shame not to buy one. Oh well.

My boss told me I was an exemplary employee yesterday. That makes me so happy. He has been telling our team that we need to be more professional in dress and conduct. Attendance has been poor and dress code has been violated, but I enjoy dressing up for work and usually am 15-20 minutes early for my shift every day. I try to take my job seriously and i know what a blessing it is to have a job like mine in this economy. I am thankful that my boss can see this reflected in my actions. It's a nice boost to my confidence.

Lunch is almost over. Tonight I plan to get my hair cut- long overdo, exercise, and get to bed early. Hopefully all of that will be done! I have been getting distracted by my reading lately! Currently I am finishing up Wuthering Heights.

The end.

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