Sunday, January 03, 2010

Of friends, fairytales, and fabulous wedding planning!

This afternoon I met up with my dear friend Kristin to update each other about our holidays. She was one of my bridesmaids and now she is planning her wedding! It is such an exciting time and, as I love everything to do with weddings, I love being caught up on every little detail! She is such an amazing friend and I am so thankful she and Kyle will be staying in Lynchburg one more year. I will dearly miss her when we are no longer in the same city. Sigh. That's one part I will hate about moving back home someday. I'll leave all my friends I've made in college. Most of them will settle in the southern states so it will be few and far between when I see then when we settle in the north. In that way, I am very thankful for blogs and facebook and text messaging.

I finished A Thousand Splendid Suns today and it amazed me. Hosseini is such a talented writer! He has made me so interested in the world and times and places I only thought of in passing before. I used to love world literature and then somehow I got distracted in my romance novels and light, easy fiction. I've been trying to broaden my library to include some more genres. I have a shelf of world literature, but Hosseini's style is so different. He paints such a vivid picture of Afghanistan. It melts my hearts. It makes me so proud of our men and women serving over there. Of my brother-in-law Josh who is finishing up a year long tour in Iraq. Some things are sacred and the lives of our fellow humans are at the top of the list. It doesn't matter that they are not part of the United States of America, like some pacifists say. They would have us leave them alone since it isn't any of our business (even though it quickly became our business one morning back in 2001), but they are our brothers and sisters. We are all of one race. If we do not stand up for our fellow humans, then what is there to stand up for?

Another thing that had me thinking. When the characters are packing up their worldly belongings and fleeing the country for their lives, they must sell or leave most everything behind. Only taking the bare necessities along. How would I handle that? So often I take so much for granted. But in the end, none of it matters. My husband and I are safe, we are free, and we live extremely comfortable. We have good health and we know where each of our families members are and that they are alive and well. This is not something to be taken for granted. Growing up in America has indoctrinated me with a belief that my life is the norm for the world. Everyone grows up with enough to eat, drink, and with clothing and shelter. But I live in the minority of the earth's population. And I give so little to aid the cause of life. Just something to think about.

Now, the lasagna's in the oven to bake. My husband is calling to me to watch LOST with him while we wait. And my kitten is snuggled against my back in the computer chair. I have so much. I am so blessed. And I am so undeserving. My God is good. I hope to be a servant to whom much will be given because I was faithful with what I have. That is a purpose to live by.

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