Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shopping dilemma! A new beautiful olive green purse? Or a new pair of sunglasses? I now have the olive green purse, but I am seriously debating returning it and going with the sunglasses. Well, I'll think it over tonight and decide for sure tomorrow. I think I would rather have the sunglasses though. I don't need a new purse. Well, I would like one, but I don't think this one is quite "it".

I have had the most annoying headache since around 3 this afternoon. None of the normal cure alls are working though. So I sit here in agony. I don't want to go to sleep too early because then I'd inevitably wake up earlier than necessary and be tired when I go on the field trip with the children. Not good. Plus since it's cold outside now, I need all the energy I can muster. At least tomorrow is Friday and I can rest away the weekend.

My fish is starting to look healthy again. After his tail fiasco he is starting to re grow from the tatters. He looks much better now and his colors are beginning to be vibrant again. A little more red is starting to show through, which I love. My beautiful rainbow fish. I'm glad he wasn't dying. I guess the whole tail eating nonsense was just a fishy phase. I know, I'm odd to be so enthralled with a fish. But it's ok. I promise I won't be too upset when he dies. That's the nice thing about fish. Easy to replace.

As I've gone through various stages of life and schooling I've grown to feel the previous stage was needless and annoying. Junior highers were a big pet peeve, high schoolers seemed to know everything when in reality they know nothing at all, and now even college students seem very young... even though I'm still in the same age group. I think that's what happens naturally throughout life. We always wait for the rest of the world to catch up with us... but they never will. We always expect those younger than us grow up to be like us... but by that time we've grown even more and learned new things. What a cycle to be in.

Yes, the sunglasses are definitely winning. We'll see where I'm at come morning.

Rebecca Iveson

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