Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I feel it in my fingers... I feel it in my toes... Christmas is all around me... (and here is where I forget the rest of the words)

I watched Love Actually for the first time the other day. Well, "watched"- since it was rented and it skipped through nearly half the movie. I'm going to get a refund. When it first came out I saw a peak of it and noticed the "porn scene". Needless to say, my teenage eyes thought this movie was pure evil. My love for Hugh Grant finally suckered me up to it. And it wasn't bad. Minus those two scenes with the nude girl of course. I could do without that. But the rest of the movie was sweet. I just love Britain.

Today I came home and took my usual nap. Matthew left for work during this time. Eventually I dragged myself out of bed because the errands won't run themselves. Shame I can't hire a maid! I know, I'm just that lazy. But I'm so glad my list is down about five things now. A successful trip to the post office. A successful trip to the bank to have something notarized- and a lovely chat with the consultant there. Filling up the Jeep for 41$... that hasn't happened in over a year! Getting lots of new delicious groceries- including a pumpkin pie! And figuring out some things for the field trip we're taking on Friday.

Speaking of the field trip: we're going to the Pumpkin Patch! So much fun! Parents are in charge of a small group of the kids so the teachers kind of get to run around with each of the groups. This makes me excited because I wanted to bring my camera and get some good shots of the kids. I've been dying to get some good autumn pics and these kids are about a cute as they come. So hopefully I'll get some good shots for the school and for my own portfolio. Photography is definitely still on the list of future job possibilities. I'd just need to build my portrait portfolio a bit. I have done one photoshoot with a large group of girls, and have a few excellent shots of my nieces and nephews, but it's hard to bulk up on other pictures when you're as amateur as I. I'm thinking about getting my friends to wander around with me sometime and we'll have a "senior photo shoot"... even though we're all seniors in college or graduated! It'd be fun though.

Matthew applied for a new job at the hospital. It's a day shift position. We'll see of he gets contacted and if he'd be making more money. He'd still do his group sessions on the weekends in the Mental Health Department so he'd still have that great experience for his resume. This new position is working with disturbed kids during their school programs... or something like that. So not exactly what he'd like to do with his life, but good enough for now. The schedule would be much nicer. I hope it works out for him. I think he's tired of working evening shift. It'd be nice for us to be able to spend some more time together too.

The old stomach's telling me it's time to go make some dinner. Since Matt's not here I don't know what to make. I hate to make too much food for just myself. I'd really like to make tacos, but I'll save that for tomorrow when he's home. I suppose quesadillas? Sound good?

Much Love.

Rebecca Iveson

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