Friday, October 17, 2008

It feels like... burning...

My eyes feel like they're slowly being burned out of my skull. Ok ok, so not quite that dramatic, but my restful weekend will probably be spent applying eye drops every half hour.

I decided to do the self clean thing on the oven. Big mistake. It smells. It smokes slightly. And it burns my eyes. I thought the house was going to burn down. So I still have about 3.5 hours left of this. I may never use the oven again just to avoid this mess.

I subbed for Ms. Marie's class today. It was a group of rambunctious four-year-olds. They did pretty well. Most of them knew me from early arrival, where I teach. It was a pretty fun day. It rained so we weren't able to have playground time, which was a bummer. My Pre-K class missed me terribly apparently. One little girl from my class rushed to me when I came in for early arrival and was crying because I wasn't going to be in class today. It's nice to be loved. I have found out though, that while assistant teaching has been a lot of fun, I don't think being a lead teacher is for me. Of course, it might be different if the children were used to me being in their class from day one. I remember how it was when I had substitute teachers- we thought we could get away with anything. Or maybe I just enjoy the older kids better. It doesn't really matter. I enjoyed today. I'll be happy to be back in my normal classroom again next week.

I had a little run-in with the bank and my car insurance agency. After a few trips here and there and a few phone calls sorting out bills and payments etc., I think everything is straightened out again. I kind of wish I could just keep my cash in my safe at home and mail in cash payments for our bills. It makes it so much more difficult sometimes having to go through a middle man- the bank. Of course, this is the first time anything has gotten messed up so I suppose I don't have much to be complaining about.

I was planning on going for a run tonight. I had psyched myself up for it. (In case you don't know, every time I go for a run or jog outside something terrible happens and I almost die... pretty much) Of course it would downpour all morning. I already have a slight cold so I don't want to make it any worse. Working with kids is bad for the health. Tomorrow is supposed to clear up. While Matthew is at work maybe I'll roll out of bed and go for a light jog. I want to become a runner. It's so hard working up to it though. Plus I feel super self conscious of people watching me. I know, I'm not important enough for people to stop and watch, but it still bothers me. Yet, I don't mindwhen I'm at the gym on a treadmill.

I really want a new MacBook. We're saving up for one for me hopefully in the next year. I don't need one yet since my HP is still working fine. But the things I could do with iPhoto. It was so much fun playing on my Dad's Mac at home this summer. I have become slightly more artsy lately so a Macbook appeals to my newfound talents. Plus the new ones are so nice! I wanted a Macbook Pro, but now I think I like the Macbooks better. The silver finish, the slimmer body, better features. I'm all for it!

My eyes are still burning. Self Clean sucks.

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Sarah Koutz said...

Four thoughts...
1. I will say self cleaning is better than scrubbing the inside of the oven.
2. Substitute teaching isn't a bad gig. You have some control over your schedule and it pays pretty well.
3. Yeah for the Mac. I love mine!!!
4. I love reading your blog.