Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A lot it broken at this current moment. My voice. The back of my throat. A few of my favorite books from being read too many times. My stomach. The muscles along my sides... I have no idea what they are called but they ache. My wardrobe... for various reasons. Most of my muscles. Certain necessities in my house are missing. My cough drops hurt my tongue and the taste makes me feel like vomiting. My juice hurts my throat when it goes down. So does water. So does any other liquid. My bath was luke warm. I can't call out because it hurts my voice too much. Good conversations can't be made through texts. My house can't decide if it's hot or cold. Or maybe that's my body. The door that separates our home with the upstairs neighbors home keeps getting "bumped" open somehow... not appealing. The light bulbs burnt out in my favorite reading lamp. I have to nanny on Thursday for five hours when that's usually my night off. I have a fever. Apple got my big iPod working again... but I won't have it for another couple of weeks... in which time it might stop working again. I can't exercise because that makes my breathing fast which hurts my throat. I've watched all our movies a million and one times and the motion makes my head ache anyways. My newest book isn't very interesting and my arm muscles get tired from holding up the book. Everything I try to eat hurts going down. Pretty much I'm a mess and I'm going to complain about it right now. It's no fun being home alone and sick.

Good news: Everything has been cleared up with the bank and our car insurance. Officially. It was nice having it all sorted out on the phones but seeing it sorted out on paper and on our statements is even better. I honestly think I'm starting to get better. Even though it sounds like I'm doing horribly, it feels like there's been an improvement tonight from last night. Hopefully I'll get a good nights sleep with little or no coughing. I might be A-OK tomorrow. Or I might lose my voice completely but feel fine, what happened last time I had a cold. That would still be better than this. As long as there is no coughing involved, I'm on board. There's a slight possibility Matthew and I might be able to go home for Thanksgiving. It's a long shot, but it's there. It would be nice to see family and of course, my Abby. I need Abby something fierce right about now. Everyone needs someone to call their best friend. And sorry, but Abby is mine. Go find someone else. I know, it'll be hard to find someone better. Too bad. I'm not sorry either.

I sound like a 2-year-old. Pardon this rubbish post.

Good night.

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Sarah Koutz said...

You poor thing. Get some rest and take care of yourself.