Friday, August 08, 2008

What a day. I got out of bed and watched some more Gilmore Girls with my husband. He was then called and told he would be working on call tonight, which is nice. I get to have him home all to myself and he's paid to do it.

I decided I was tired of waiting around for Liberty to call with a job offer. If they call next week, that's great and I'll gratefully take a position. But I also have put in several applications elsewhere around town. I applied at a Christian Bookstore, Best Buy, Walgreens (which is right down the street from our house), and at a preschool before I was ready to take a break from applying. I would be perfectly content at each of these jobs.

I had just sent the email to the preschool with my resume when I received a phone call. On Monday I have an interview at the preschool. The positions available are head teacher in the 4 year old class, assistant teacher part time, and classroom floater helping out in each of the classrooms. I think all these positions sound wonderful. If I were to get a part time job I could easily find another job to fill the empty days in my schedule. This would be a rather fun job. I love children.

I also received my acceptance to Liberty's Graduate School. I knew I would be accepted since I am a LU grad already. I also received my financial aid award letter. I think I can take three classes each semester and only have to pay a little out of pocket. If that is the case, I should seize it. I've been emailing around trying to get some answers before signing up for classes and such. If this will work out, it would be amazing if I could still take classes and work at the preschool or someplace else. I only wish Liberty would call me sooner. If I don't get the preschool position, that's ok. I have never been a teacher before and would be rather nervous.

So everything seems to be settling down slightly. It is my Dad's 60th birthday today. I wish I could be home for it.

It was my parents 37th anniversary yesterday as well as my birthday. Pretty cool, huh?

I have spent the last 2 hours on the computer filling out applications and looking at grad school information and looking at maps for my interview. I am ready to go do something exciting. Stretch my legs, eat some food.

Have a great evening,
Rebecca Iveson

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