Sunday, August 10, 2008


I finally subscribed to my first podcast! I never really felt the need before. But I love it! So nice and easy. Since I so far haven't found a church in Lynchburg that seems to fit my personal needs (good solid theology, creative and strong head pastor, nursery options for volunteering, and a women's Bible study that meets on week nights) I found my home church's podcast. So nice. I'll still continue to look for a church to be involved in here, but I'm not quite so worried about it now since I can still have good solid preaching to learn from. I mainly want to find a women's Bible study. I would want to find a good young marrieds Bible study but Matt's schedule is so random it might be hard to find a night both of us could make it. So I'm looking for a good young women's Bible study. Most of the ones I've found meet in the morning sometime during the week. Since I hope to be working during the day, that would be tough to swing. I might try to get into a commuter's prayer group through Liberty. Better than nothing. That is one thing I will deeply miss about campus life. Having hall meeting and prayer groups. It can be such a great time of fellowship and friendship plus always leaves me feeling encouraged and refreshed. I'll probably subscribe to Liberty's Campus Church's podcast as well. I still like Johnnie's preaching.

Tonight I'm going out with my girlfriends to celebrate my birthday. We're going to Olive Garden. It should be a good time. I have a great set of friends. Things will be different this year and at times I'm sure will be stressed for all of us in trying to maintain our friendships, but I know we will always find time for each other. I love them all so much. I have been so blessed.

Tomorrow I have my interview at the preschool. I am slightly nervous, but since I've already had two interviews this summer my nerves have subsided slightly. I figure if I get the job that's great, but if I don't then something else will come along later. This job would be a lot of fun. The best situation would be if I got the part time job of Teacher's Assistant, then got a part time Graduate Assistant position at Liberty that would pay for part of my Grad school. That would be an excellent options that I'm kind of praying will work out. If not, there are also some full time positions available at the preschool. I'm just trusting God to place me where he wants me. If he gives me a full time position at the preschool I'll take that to mean I should hold off on Grad School until next semester or next year. I'm not too worried about it anymore. I've been learning so much about trust and faith since marriage, especially in this job hunt. So I suppose it all has been very worth it.

Matthew finally got his job schedule figured out. He hasn't been put on the schedule during the week since about three weeks before the wedding. He would rely on getting called in or signing up for extra shifts when other people couldn't fill in. It's been aggravating to say the least. He had always been scheduled for his weekend groups, but that wasn't enough of a paycheck to keep us afloat. We'd be ok for another month or so, but if I didn't get a job and he didn't get a new schedule we'd begin to feel it then. But it was all a misunderstanding. For some reason the hospital didn't think he wanted to be full time anymore. I have no idea where they would have gotten that idea. But he's being put on the schedule now full time so the paycheck will be much better and we'll finally begin to put money towards our savings again instead of just meeting all our bills and needs.

God is faithful. He loves us so much. He thinks of Matthew and I every day. He thinks of Matthew and I all the time. That's pretty incredible.


Rebecca Iveson

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