Monday, August 11, 2008

Well, it's time for my interview. Well, almost time. I'm sitting here with my freshly ironed shirt and capris, trying to look all professional like. But truly I enjoy dressing for the occasion. I like wearing office style clothes, it's comfortable for me.

I'm still a little nervous, but I have a good feeling about this preschool. I'll probably have to eat my words later if I don't get the job, but either way, I have some optimism towards this job and this interview today. We'll see. Maybe I'll come home and know the job definitely is not right for me. In that case, I guess the optimism would still hold true. I just have a very positive feeling towards this encounter regardless of the turnout. Maybe I'll end up attending the church the preschool is housed in if nothing else. We'll see we'll see.

So yes, I ironed my Ann Taylor sleeveless oxford in green and my J.Crew black capris. I think it's a nice summer look while still looking professional. I'm also pulling my string of pearls from the safe to match my pearl earrings. I think it complements the overall look rather nicely.

Matthew promised to take me to Panera for dinner! I thought I was phasing out of Panera... but so not true. It's still my favorite and probably will be for many years to come. We're going to Target afterwards to see about spending the birthday money my grandparents sent me. There's some exercise equipment I want there. Very exciting.

Well, time to go eat some lunch before heading out! The nerves keep rising. I hope I can keep my cool during the actual interview. I need to focus on being myself and representing myself clearly. Should be no problem.

Oh, and I love my hubband. He is the most amazing man! I am so truly blessed by him every moment of every day. We stayed up till 2 am last night talking! I love that. Our conversation went from Cubbies and Sparks to my dream about my grandpa involving pet tarantulas and hornets! Quite the late night conversation.

Update to come about the job,

Rebecca Iveson


So the job interview went incredibly well! My nerves didn't show very much and I felt very much myself. I feel I was able to accurately represent myself which has never happened in an interview before. The director of the school and I got along wonderfully and she liked my answers to all her questions. It seemed so natural to tour the school with her while we interviewed. Maybe I got the right degree for the wrong reason? Maybe I am supposed to be an Early Learning Educator instead of a social worker? We'll see. She really enjoyed our time together and told me to be hopeful. So I am hopeful. I know there may come another interviewee that has amazing credentials and more experience than me, but for now I am satisfied knowing that she liked me enough to share with me the room I'd be teaching in and a lot of information about the specific job she thought I would work in. I'm sure the other applicants sent her their resumes as well, so if she has high hopes for me now I'm sure it won't change to much in the next two days. She finishes interviews on Wednesday and told me I'd definitely hear from her by the end of this week if not sooner! We ended with, "It has been a pleasure meeting with you today. See, I put a little star by your name!" I am satisfied. Even if for some reason the job doesn't work out, I know I interviewed well and she liked me and thinks me qualified. It was a good interview and definitely gave me the boost I needed in my current unemployment slump. It is a wonderful school and I would love working there. Maybe I am supposed to teach after all. Who knew? That would make it easier to continue working after we have children. Lots of schools offer preschool and nursery services now.

What a day. I am happy. Thank you, Lord, for this new blessing!

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