Friday, August 08, 2008


The 21st birthday was a success! I got to sleep in which is always wonderful. Then Matthew and I had a wonderful brunch, his was more lunch mine being breakfast. Then we headed out to get my horizontal drivers license. The line at the DMV looked horrible, but it surprisingly did not take too long. I now am the holder of a horizontal Virginia drivers license.

We then came home and took care of the presents! I'm always about the presents. Matthew got me wonderful presents, the 7th season of Gilmore Girls and a beautiful black purse. I have already watched some of the Gilmore Girls and I love love love the purse. I've needed a new black purse desperately. It is so beautiful. He also bought me a writing desk and a student chair. It is so nice to have someplace to sit and read and write. It is a beautiful desk.

His mother bought me the much coveted dirt devil kone hand vacuum. I have wanted this hand vac since the commercial for them first came out. Matthew thinks it's ridiculous but I love it! And it is so needed for our dusty corners. She also sent me a Vera Bradley picture book, a Vera Bradley post it book (which I love love love), and some initial I notecards. Such a thoughtful gift!

My parents are amazing! For my present they decided to pay my last credit card bill before I close out that old account and cancel the small loan Matthew and I took from them when the security deposit on our apartment went up by 400$ from what was originally on our lease. So... It was basically a 800$ present! They totally didn't have to do that but they offered. My parents are so great. They have is their downstairs furniture and my bed when we moved down here. I got to go through the house and take any decorations and small tables that caught my eye. They paid for my private school education from kindergarten through 12th grade, my college education, and our fabulous wedding. Our wedding present was our honeymoon plane tickets and new tires for the jeep. Plus my dad signed the title of the jeep over to me for absolutely free. There is so much more they have done for me, but I think that gives a very generous picture of them. They are some of the most generous people I know. I have such amazing parents. I am so incredibly blessed. They just continue to give and give and give.

Anyways, after the presents we got ready for dinner. I had to choose my outfit which would then determine Matthew's outfit. I wanted a plain black dress with a pink sash around the waist... But Matt didn't care too much for that choice. So Matthew chose my black dress with the champagne circles all over it. Another beautiful choice. He looked dashing in his suit pants and crisp white shirt.

After dressing and pampering just a little bit, we headed out for dinner. We just discovered a new restaurant about a mile away from our house. It is Italian, our favorite, and looked pretty fancy. We like fancy. So we went in to Milanos and were not disappointed. It was beautiful inside, beautiful ambiance, and nice and quiet and quaint. The salad came out, and the bread, and our delicious pasta dishes. Everything was absolutely amazing! We both have leftovers and everyone knows Italian food makes for the best leftovers! I am so thankful we found this new restaurant. We plan on taking our families there for a treat the next time they visit.

We came home and took a short nap. Italian food also makes one especially tired. Then we dug into my fabulous angel food cake with strawberries! My favorite! Such a good husband to get me all my favorites!

So here I sit, watching Gilmore Girls. I love it.

Happy birthday to me!

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