Friday, August 15, 2008

Well, it's almost 5... the time most offices close for the day. And I haven't heard back from the preschool. Which is ok. Sure, I'm a bit bummed since the interview went really well and the director gave me a hope by specific things she said. But there were still two days of interviews she had. The chances of there being actual teachers in some of those interviews is pretty high since that's the kind of crowd normally drawn to schools. I have the right major, but not license. If i still hear from her sometime today or in the next week that's great still. But I'm not just going to sit around and wait any longer.

I sent some emails today for some other part time nanny positions. I would then get another part time job either as a Grad Assistant at Liberty or somewhere else around town or close to the nanny jobs. Most of the nanny positions are after school positions. I'd pick up the kids from school and then help them with homework or play with them until their parents returned home later that evening. It would still be a nice situation and get me some child care experience.

I am also turning in my Grad Assistant application on Monday. That will at least get the ball rolling on that position. I hope I haven't waited too long and all the spots are filled. If so, then it's my own fault for not turning in the application sooner. I was so sure this preschool position would work out. Even if it does, there's still the chance that I could work part time as a GA as well. I should have turned in the application regardless.

On a brighter note, I bought some treats for my fishy friend today. Matthew and I went shopping and we found some great new toys. We bought a huge vase from Target to be his new home. It is beautiful and still fits pretty nicely on my desk. It gives him a lot more exploring room and hopefully won't get so cloudy as quickly as the other vase I had. We also bought him a little bridge to go in the bottom of the vase. He has already been exploring it. It's the perfect size for him. I bought him so new fish bits since I only had the sample size that my neighbors got me. These new bits are color enhancing! So the blues and reds on his flippers should come out real bright soon. Hopefully. I like pretty colors. I set him up all nice on my desk. He seems to be getting used to his new bowl pretty well. He often scares me because he likes to sit real still on the bottom or top of the bowl. It looks like he's dead. His gills don't even seem to be moving. So I get scared I made the water too cold or hot or something and that put him into shock. He also didn't eat any of the food I put in his bowl. Maybe he's just scared. I don't know. All this fuss over a silly fish.

I hope I hear back positively from someone soon. I need to start working. I told my friend yesterday that I'm starting to feel like I'm worthless to society! Nobody wants or needs to hire Becca. Oh well, something will come along soon enough. And Matthew is making enough living right now.

Rebecca Iveson

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