Thursday, August 14, 2008

So apparently I convinced myself into believing a lie. I convinced myself that I really didn't want this preschool job. It would be nice but there were other alternatives that were brighter. Not true. I really do want this particular job. It would be so much fun and I would truly enjoy working with the children. I always wanted to work in a preschool or day care setting but never had the appropriate schedule needed. So this would be such an answer to prayer and would completely lift my spirits. I discovered how much I wanted this job by the fact that for the past two days my phone hasn't left my side. I've been waiting for the phone call or the email telling me "welcome to the team" or "we regret to inform you...". Either way will be better than the waiting. I am supposed to hear by the end of this week. Technically that could include Saturday. The waiting is torturous!

On another note: I have begun reading Ender's Shadow. It is Bean's tale. So far I love it and I think I may be growing to love Bean more than Ender himself. I think if given the chance or if he would have been just one year older and entered school earlier, he could easily have been the Ender character, the xenocide. But of course, as these are all fictitious characters is matters not.

Simon is still doing well. He is starting to get a little more used to his environment I think. He doesn't swim frantically away when the table is jostled slightly or when I move to feed him. He was a rather timid fish. I think he's becoming slightly more at home in his new bigger bowl. The water is a bit cloudy. I think this is because of the little plant root my neighbors gave me to put in his bowl. I think he'll like having the stems and leaves to swim around in once it sprouts and grows... but that will take a long time. For now it just looks like a bit chunk of dirt... which is why I think it clouds the water. Oh well, Simon doesn't seem to mind. He's even nosed about the root and moved it around the bottom of his bowl a bit.

I know, I'm crazy for speaking so of my fish. Well, this is at interesting as it gets until I get a kitten or puppy!

I'm debating cutting my hair even shorter. I thought I was going to grow it back out long for sure. I always liked my hair long. So does Matthew. So does my mom. But I kind of want to get a bob cut to about my chin. Maybe I'll grow it out for now and in the spring chop it off again. Oh so many decisions. It's such a hassle that hair takes so long to grow. I may let it grow for the next three months and then decide it was all in vain and chop it off anyways. I hate wasting time.

Just keep praying about the job! I can hardly bear waiting to hear back! I want to call or email over to the school so badly. But I must just wait patiently.

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