Friday, August 15, 2008

Well, it is now almost 9 pm and I still haven't heard anything from the preschool. I'll take that as a no for now and move on. It is a shame though since I could walk to work if need be. I probably wouldn't but that would also save on gas expenditures. Ah well. My dad should be happy now that I'll most likely be getting my Masters. But I know he'll feel bad that I didn't get this job. My dad is like that. He's a great dad. In my opinion, one of the best.

Simon is doing much better. It must have just spooked him to have to switch bowls rather suddenly. I forgot to put the little pellet in the water first that neutralizes the tap water for him. Oops. But at least I know that he won't die from our water system. Maybe I'll begin purifying his water beforehand also. I know, a bit much for a fish. But if Matthew won't let me have a baby yet and we're not allowed to have a kitten or puppy yet, then I might as well put all of my motherly feeling towards this fish. If I get a nanny position that could easily work out well also. We'll see.
I finished Ender's Shadow tonight. I read it in three days. That was a good book. The rest of the Bean books look to be just as interesting as well. I highly highly recommend the series, even though I've only read the first book. It just opens up a whole new world of possibilities that can only lead to good things. I am still going to give Sacred Sex a chance (the other book I'm currently reading), but it just isn't as interesting. Sacred Marriage is a definite recommend, but this is by a different author. But still, it was a wedding present and I am very grateful. The thought was nice. I'm sure I'll get something out of it anyways. For now it holds a very awkward place on my desk for the world to see. Not many people will be invited into our bedroom (where my desk is) but for my girl friends (which sex is taboo with) it might lead to some interesting discussions.

Maybe I'll get a part time job at a pet store. That could be interesting. I've always wanted to work at one... as long as there were kittens. And PetsMart has the humane society cats all the time. If nothing else pops up soon then I'll go looking. There's a nice pet store down the road from PetsMart also. It usually has kittens and puppies. That could be fun. If I'm going the store route maybe I should just go to the mall. The mall always seems to be hiring somewhere.



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