Saturday, August 16, 2008

It is late, almost time for bed. I just realized that my husband and I only ate one meal today! We had a delicious lunch at Olive Garden that seemed to satisfy both of our stomach for the entire day! I'll probably fix us a small snack before bed, but that is amazing! One meal per day. That could do wonders for my body and our food budget!

I finally finished the Graduate Assistant Application packet. It isn't that large, but a lot is included which I kept having to revise. I included a cover letter, the actual application, the background check consent form, my autobiographical sketch of my salvation story and my belief system, and my resume/ curriculum vitae. I have a made resume that I have been sending out to all the other employers I've been emailing, but I had to add a list of all the specific courses I've taken that pertain to this office and this specific job. It was quite the lengthy list since I majored in this field as well as am continuing my Masters out of the same office. I had to go back into my records and check all the classes I've taken. My computer has been acting up a little so it took longer than it should have. Now that it is finished and enveloped ready for drop off, I feel pretty confident. Of course, I felt confident about the preschool position as well.

All I can do is enjoy my weekend and hope and pray one of the many places I've emailed will want to hire me as well as this Graduate Assistant position.

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