Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nothing like a good hot cup of tea and a good book for the perfect evening. And my fishy friend, Simon has been getting very explorative lately. He actually swam up to Matt's face looking in at him earlier today. He used to cower away to the far side of the bowl when anything was near him. Including hands that brought him food. Good sign that he's settling in well. I don't want a dead fishy to clean up after.

So I was reading about Barack Obama today. I have followed McCain's campaign track since 2006 when he spoke as commencement speaker at Liberty. I liked his stances then and I still support him. He's pro-life, maintains the essence of the family, and he has excellent military experience to draw from in our present war situation. I trust him. I've read about the other political issues in this election as well, but I don't know much about economics and such so I just have to trust what both candidates are saying there. So anyways, I was reading about Obama who I haven't researched that much on. At the beginning I was impressed. He seems to have a good background and has been involved in a lot of good politics up to this point. I was surprised to see how closely he worked with Republican causes and representatives over the years on various issues. Something McCain and he have in common, friends from both parties. I read about his war plans and am still not sure how he's going to accomplish all of what he says, but at least he has some smart ideas about where he wants to end up. I still would prefer John McCain's personal experience as a POW and war hero in our situation though. I trust him to do what's best for America, for our men and women serving all around the world, and for the world at large. But then I read about Obama's stance on the abortion issue. In a speech of his about the war he says he was against beginning the war in the first place. He says we have lost 4,000 troops with over 60,000 wounded. And how many casualties of humanity has abortion caused? And yet he still believes that woman should have the choice to terminate their pregnancies, which is a fancy way to say murder their children while they are at their most defenseless stages. A woman has the right to choose not to have a baby alright. If she doesn't want to have a baby she shouldn't be such a whore in the first place and sleep with a man when she's unwilling to face the consequences. Ask any doctor or scientist out there. There is nothing in the human body or make up that needs sex. A person will not die without it. There is no excuse for carelessness and then reckless abandonment of an innocent child due to the parents stupidity. And then Obama has the nerve to say he's an advocate for the children? Better foster care systems, better early child development programs... well who needs these? The children! Who is America killing off by the thousands every year, possibly every month? The children! You can't rightfully have one without the other. A child is a human being from the moment of conception. That child has their own unique set of DNA that no other person has on the planet at this time... or every will have in the rest of the history of the world... and ever has in the past. That person has their own rights since they are a separate being from the mothers who somehow have the choice to kill their unborn child. It is not a part of their bodies. It is merely dwelling within them for the time being. If a pregnant woman dies there are two deaths listed. Mother and her unborn child. Two entities. Two lives are mourned. If it was a murder, two counts are listed. Why is it different if it happens to be the mothers choice? And what kind of mother would make that choice in the first place?

When I first started reading Obama's political stand points I thought he wouldn't be so terrible as president. I thought we wouldn't be thrown into turmoil and the United States might survive another term. Survive in the extreme literal sense. But when I continued reading I found more and more I could not agree with. I don't know what I had expected. It is the Democratic party. I won't ever say I'm a Republican always. But I cannot accept a candidate who accepts the murder of thousands. Who is hindering our future and our next generation so greatly.

Soap box step down.

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