Sunday, August 03, 2008

Today has turned out to be a fabulous day! Last night I wasn't feeling well, no not well at all. This morning the stomach illness hadn't subsided. I stayed in bed and finally began to feel better after lots of sleep and lots of liquids.

I then spent the day organizing our spare room some more and finishing up Mere Christianity. I had my first real taste of ramen noodles. I bought them because the one but I have had of them previously I enjoyed. So I figured I'd try it out and if I didn't care for it I would have only wasted 88 cents. But oh, I can't believe I didn't take advantage of it sooner! College could have been so much more enjoyable if I had discovered ramen. Everyone else always complained about it but Matthew and I both like it. So a good cheap side dish now.

I finally say down and wrote to my birth mother about the past few months. She sent Matthew and I a letter for our wedding, pictures of her and my birth sisters, and the most beautiful rings. It is so refreshing to have open communication with her now. I am sending her a letter, a book of pictures of me throughout my life and some wedding pictures, our save the date postcard, a table namecard from the reception, one of our programs from the ceremony, an invitation, and a thank you postcard to give her a picture of what our wedding was like. We are eager to plan our trip to Korea to meet her and my birth sisters. Hopefully we'll be able to go in the next five years.

I also watched Little Women tonight. Christian Bale, great choice everytime. He even makes a good western. See 3:10 to Yuma if you haven't already. Russell crowe, Christian Bale, really how could it have gone wrong? Exactly, it couldn't.

I was organizing our safe and found an envelope from a letter my dad wrote me when we were at a dads and daughters retreat at spring hill. My dad and I went to these for a few years, but this letter was from the first retreat we went on in 1998. I read the letter and cried. In the envelope there also are a few pictures of my dad and I, the programs from the retreats, and a message he wrote in a Bible he gave me years ago. I have been so blessed by my father. He is such a godly man who has neve given up on me even though I was a hurtful and hateful adolescent. He has always loved me and has always been willing to talk to me about anything. He raised me in the Lord and always always prayed for me. He has always provided for me in every way. He has given me my car, helped me get settled into my new independent life, paid for my education at Christian schools my whole life, sent me all around the world to gain perspective, paid for my dream wedding, and been a role model for both me and my new husband. I have been so incredibly blessed by my father and I take him for granted so many times. He recently quit his job at his medical practice. He has been there for over 30 years and was a partner there. He has been chief of surgery, director of residents at MSU, and in charge of the ICU. He now is leaving his practice to work at the hospital fulltime. Apparently it's better pay and a better schedule which will help with the Mexico schedule now that the hospital there is nearing completion. He seems really happy with the change. I am happy for him too. He's turning 60 this weekend (the day after me). He deserves to be happy with a job he loves.

The end,
Rebecca Iveson

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