Saturday, August 02, 2008

Well, I heard today that I did not get the caseworker position. I am young and inexperienced- really what more could I have expected? I've gone through the motions today. At first I thought I was ok, I felt a lot of peace. Later in the day I felt aggravated because I have to start the job searching all over again. Even later I felt discouraged, like I never would be hired anywhere. But now, I'm feeling slightly better. I've tackled the mess of the spare room and have cleared out a lot of the junk. It's amazing the trinkets I thought I needed in Michigan but here in Virginia... not so much. A lot is going to goodwill. I already unloaded half of my worldly possessions there in Michigan, the rest of my stuff I carted to Virginia. Now I'm doing the same thing here! You would've thought I'd be smart enough to cut out the middle man and just get rid of silly childish things with no sentimental purpose back home. Ah well, the Goodwill in Lynchburg needs it more than Grand Rapids, that's the truth.

I have been organizing my desk stuff and placing it in our bedroom where my desk will soon be (once we get it in). I'm pretty happy with the turn out. I'm discovering I have a lot more desk tools than I thought I had so I don't have to buy certain little necessities. It all is coming together well also. I might paint this cardboard box with three drawers I've been using since my junior year of highschool. They've held up incredibly well and hold just the right amount. Instead of buying something new I might paint a design on it to spruce it up. I know, painting cardboard. Crazier things have happened.

One the spare room is done we'll begin renovations. We'll plan out the layout and go from there. We're thinking about buying another whole bed but we'll probably just buy a really nice air mattress. We don't anticipate too many guests while we're in this apartment and we can take the air mattress with us if we go on vacation somewhere. Also, it doesn't take up all that space all the time, only when we have visitors. I like the sounds of that. I'll put my workout stuff down here. I would really like to save up and get some kind of cardio machine (I haven't decided what kind yet), but I don't think Matthew will go for that quite yet. I'll just have to wait until we have a house of our own. It is nice to have all the empty space in here now though. Makes it look a lot more neat and organized.

I have been learning that I need to trust in the Lord and wait on Him. I am currently reading in Psalms and there is a kick in the pants if you need one. Back and forth David goes. One chapter he is crying out to the Lord, the next he is praising Him forever more. But He always trusts and knows the Lord is his advocate. Christ is MY advocate. Whom then shall I fear? What then shall I fear? Nothing and no one. He will lead me to the perfect job at the perfect time. Matt and I have just received a huge financial blessing that takes care of our largest bill for this month of almost 900$! A complete answer to pray and leaves us a lot less burdened. God really does work in and through our lives. He has a plan and just because He hasn't road mapped it all out clear for me doesn't mean He's still not leading me someplace wonderful.

Back on the job topic, I applied to be a full time nanny. Not a live in nanny, but it would be a full time job. I don't need benefits since I'm under Matt's insurance at the hospital. I'm not sure if the position has been filled yet since the posting was up last week. But it doesn't start for another week so I thought I'd give it a shot and send my resume. I've always wanted to be a nanny but didn't think I'd ever have the time. We'll see if this works out. If not, I'm also applying to a few new offices at Liberty. I still have my back up job... and my back up back up job. So I'm not worried. If all else fails after another week I'll make the hard call and take a miserable job. But it'll pay well and I'll get my Masters. When all is said and done it will be a great first year of marriage for Matthew and I regardless of when and where I work. We'll just make the best of it.

Back to cleaning and organizing,

Rebecca Iveson

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