Monday, August 04, 2008

I really need a job. This whole housewife thing has been fun... but it's almost our 2 months anniversary (the same day as my 21st birthday). 2 months is a long enough hiatus from work. I need to pull my own weight in this family. I need to make my contribution. I need to do something besides sit around reading and blogging all day long. I keep wondering what housewives do all day. It would be different if I had an infant or toddler to care for. I can only imagine trying to find time to clean the house, cook food, run errands, and care for the baby someday in the future! But for now, as it is only me and Matthew to tend to... I need something to do for the majority of each of my days. I have landed on narrowing my search to Liberty... back where I began. I don't care so much where my position is any longer. I applied for positions from a postal worker to a few different director positions of departments. I let Liberty know I would like them to recirculate my application since I stopped returning calls after the honeymoon when I thought another position was going to work out. I should hopefully hear back something in the next week or two. For now, I will enjoy my last week of freedom.

Matthew and I bought my desk and chair today! The chair doesn't match the desk at all, but the price was right and it will do for now. When we move houses I'll get a wooden comfy chair that matches the desk. The desk is beautiful and fancy and dark wood and lovely. It will be perfect. I wanted a black desk originally, but this desk will be perfect. We also picked up the hand vac I wanted so desperately! Matt's mom wanted to get it for me for my birthday. She just had us stop by and pick it up instead of all the shipping mumbo jumbo. I don't get my presents until my birthday on THURSDAY! Amazing. I love birthdays!

I am very tired. I have been pretty tired a lot the past week. I need to be more active. Start jogging again or swimming or going to the gym at least, and of course working and doing something worth while during the day. That will be a goal of mine. Maybe this week, maybe next week, maybe after my first paycheck when I can open a membership to the gym. We'll see we'll see.

Rebecca Iveson

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