Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I am almost done sorting through all of our misc. boxes. Then I'll be ready to start furnishing and decorating the spare room! I'm considering buying a futon to put in there... but it would have to be big enough for two people in case we have guests. Maybe we'll get one of those inflatable beds that folds up into a couch also. That could be a good possibility. I don't want to buy too much extra furniture just in case our next home doesn't have two bedrooms. I'd like to get a three bedroom apartment next, so we can have a master bedroom, a baby room, and an office/ guest room. We'll see though. We still have to decide where Matt's going to graduate school. If we go back to Michigan I'm not anticipating a large apartment. If we move to Georgia, which is my new number one location, I think we could definitely get a three bedroom apartment... or maybe even a starter home. I suppose I can always sell what we have extra. Sooner or later we'll need a new couch and chair for the living room anyways. The love seat will do for quite a while longer. For now, ours will be sufficient... and they were free! No complaints here.

I have begun to set up my desk space in our bedroom. We bought my desk and chair yesterday. The chair doesn't match, but it's ok. It was cheap and right now cheap is my best friend. It will be easy to move when we relocate also... that's a definite bonus. The desk is beautiful. I am so excited to bring it inside and put it together. I have organized my desk stuff into a set of small drawers on wheels and the cardboard boxed drawers that will go on top of my desk, or maybe underneath it if there's room. Everything fits perfectly. I don't want my actual desk to be too cluttered. I like having lots of open space to work on. I'll probably keep a vase on it and my bottle of pens, and or course my computer... but hopefully that will be all. Everything else has it's own proper place.

That is what I have been doing for the morning. I'm not sure what the plan in for this evening. Matt and I were thinking about going to the Barnes and Noble down the street. We haven't gone inside it yet. It's a small bookstore and could be a great place to go for coffee and a good read. The only problem is I have a huge book list I want to buy currently. If we go in there we might spend more than we can afford right now! We're planning on having chicken and pasta for dinner. Delicious. I'm so glad Matthew and I have similar tastes in foods. It makes shopping and cooking so much easier.

I like having a clean house. I have figured out that the only task I don't enjoy is vacuuming. I just don't like getting our big vacuum out. It's such a hassle. And moving around the furniture to get underneath and around it is obnoxious as well. My mother in law bought me a hand vac for my birthday. Hopefully that will make things easier. It's mainly hair and dust that needs to be swept up, definitely enough for a hand vac.

Time to go finish the washing the dishes before starting dinner. It's a never ending cycle.

I love being a housewife!

Until tomorrow,
Rebecca Iveson

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