Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today has to be one of the laziest days Matthew and I have spent together! And it has been wonderful.

We slept in. I finished my book and began a collection of Grimm's Fairytales. We have had delicious meals all day and plan on having an excellent dinner as well. We watched a few episodes of Friends which always makes the heart light with laughter. I changed half of my fish's water which gives him a nice clear and clean home to live in. He has been eating much better lately which helps him grow. Some of the food we bought him is too big for his mouth so we had to buy him some really small betta bits to tide him over until he grows. It's fun having a fish. We have a movie picked out for the evening that neither of us has seen. All in all, a great day.

I have my first day of work tomorrow. Just orientation of the new teachers. A lot of paperwork and not fun stuff like that. But I'll be meeting some of the other staff, which will be nice. I think next week we begin setting up our individual classrooms and scheduling lessons. I am a bit nervous to start working with the lead teacher in my classroom. I'm not sure if I'll meet her tomorrow or not. I hope we get along real well and have similar ideas for the classroom. That will make this year go by so much better than if the lead teacher and I don't quite mesh. I am so excited to begin work! I just want to hug the children in my class and help them learn as much as they can in the next year.

I should hear back about the after school nanny position in the next few days. It would be fun but not necessary. I was debating trying to find part time work in a store or something if I don't get this position... but I think I'll just come back home after work. So either way, I will be completely satisfied whatever the decision. I can't even imagine trying to find someone to watch my children every day. It would be so hard to trust my children in the hands of someone I had only met once. I would definitely have them babysit a few times first and ask my children what their opinions of the different sitters was. Hopefully I won't ever be in that situation though. I would like to be home when my kids are finished with school.

Well, my husband is telling me his stomach is ready for dinner! Time to go throw the chicken on the grill and start mashing the potatoes!

Have a wonderful evening and end of summer!

Rebecca Iveson

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Sarah Koutz said...

When do you start classes? It is hard to believe we've been in school for two weeks already. I'm ready for summer vacation to be here though. Is that a bad thing?