Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The interview for the after school nanny position went well. I think I have a good chance of getting that position. It is such a nice family. The listing was for a nanny for two children, a first and second grader. Well, there is a first and second grader... and two older children as well. They just weren't listed because they kind of do their own thing I guess. They "don't need a nanny". Suddenly someone feels like Maria! But the interview went really well, I get along great with Zoe, the second grade girl. And Jacob, the first grade boy couldn't stop flirting with me. They are so adorable. It would be a fun and easy job. The house is beautiful set back in the woods with a creek and a friendly neighborhood. It is only 10 minutes from our house which is near about perfect. Our schedules complement each other and I think would be ideal for my situation as well as theirs.

The only reason I can imagine them hiring someone else would be if a student interviews with them and has no other job. I told them I already have a job at the preschool. So they know I have my income, plus Matthew's. So if a college student comes along and is qualified and needs part time work then I won't begrudge them the position. I actually would hope they would get it over me. For me it's just extra cash. For a student it might be the different between going out with friends on the weekends or staying in to study.

It would be a wonderful job though. It would bring in just enough extra money and seriously I couldn't ask for a better schedule to coincide with my own already. The children are all really sweet and I would love playing with them all evening. The little girl is even on a cheer squad through a city organization! How perfect is that? Maybe I could even get a part time job there as well. I would love to work with little cheer leaders! Amazing opportunities everywhere! I think I would let the money made on this job go for fun extras for Matthew and I, while my main paycheck would go into our savings account. That seems like a good system. We'll live off Matthew's income and anything left over from that plus this extra job of mine will go towards spoiling ourselves. I think Matthew will agree to that.

Well, I'm going to go for a bit of a workout. It is getting late, the best times to work out! It seriously is. It's cooler after dark and I am in a safe neighborhood so if I venture outside I don't fear being attacked. It also means I can shower when I'm done and not have to re-do my hair and makeup. Always a plus in my books.

I think this nanny position would be perfect for me. I hope it works out.

Rebecca Iveson

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