Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm sitting in my room a little unsure of what to do. Our landlord (upstairs neighbor) is having a ceiling fan installed in our spare room to give it a bit more circulation. I'm definitely not complaining. It will be a nice add on. But right now there is a man in my spare room. I never know what to do with service men etc. It's always a little awkward. At least this one knows our landlord personally and is doing this as a favor. Makes it not quite so awkward. I thought he would stop by when Matt was home, but alas, Matt has left for work already and I am sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for him to finish.

I have an interview tonight at 7:30 with a family who needs an after school nanny. They are interviewing several different possibilities and I sincerely hope they find the right person to meet their needs and watch their precious children. After getting directions from them I discovered they only live about 10 minutes from me! That is such in ideal location! I hope they think so too when we meet tonight. I don't need a second job, but it will help occupy my time, give me more child care experience, and give me a little more income to add to our family. If it doesn't work out though I'll probably stop trying to find a second job. My job will be pretty time consuming as it is and it will be nice to sit back once I get home.

I cleaned our house today. Not super thoroughly as we have a bunch of boxes going to goodwill tomorrow and a few more empty boxes to go out with the trash that held various items we recently purchased. But despite the clutter that should clear up soon, our house is once again looking in top shape. It is so nice to have a space to call my own. I always hated cleaning my room at my parents house when visitors were coming. I didn't think they needed to be in my room anyways (which they generally weren't) so why bother cleaning? I liked having my stuff where I would remember it. If my school books and magazines and such were all over the floor who cared? That's where I would sprawl out myself to have a good read! But it's so different with a house of my own. I like to have friends over. I would be embarrassed if my friends came by and the house was all a mess and they had to move things around just to sit down! No, this house will always be neat and orderly. The only vice is vacuuming. I don't like doing it. But I do like having clean floors. None of our floors are carpeted so it makes clean up pretty easy, which is nice.

More and more friends of mine are getting engaged. Which makes sense, for most of them this is their senior year of college. The time to get engaged and plan the wedding for next summer after graduation. That's what I did. But it's so weird. I think they all are so young still when most of them are older than I. I don't think of myself as more mature than them by any means, but it just seems weird that my friends are getting married. I guess that's how everyone felt about me last year. Now it's just kind of normal and natural to be Rebecca Iveson. When I was just an engaged girl it was weird to think that in x months I'd be married and living with a boy! It's still kind of weird to think about though. But we never really had a honeymoon phase or a settling in period. It never felt like we were just playing house. It was natural for us. Completely. We just kept on living like we had been except now we did our living together. It was the next step and everyone knew it was the right time for us. It was so nice to have the reassurance of both our families and all our friends. And I believe we have thrived in marriage. I am so proud to be Mrs. Matthew Iveson. I hope all my newly engaged friends fare as luckily as I have in their upcoming marriages.

I want to start some supper for myself... but feel weird doing that with the ceiling fan installation guy downstairs. I guess I can wait. I hope it doesn't take too much longer. I want to have enough time to eat and get ready for the interview!

More to come about the interview!

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