Friday, August 22, 2008

fitful night

This is officially a bad day! It is around 4 am and I have a little under 5 hours before my alarm goes off. It's my first day of work and I can't sleep. Excellent. At least it's just orientation and it's not a full day of kids yet. That would be really bad.

I must have eaten something rotten for dinner because since them I've had a teeinle tummy ache and sharp pains across my abdomen. Not pleasant. So even though I'm dead tired, because I skipped a nap today so I would get a good nights rest in preparation for work, I can't fall asleep because of my blasted stomach. Grrr!

I just hope I can make it through tomorrow. I want to be excited for work. Especially since I'm meeting the other teachers for the first time. But lack of sleep and an upset tummy won't help. I'll tough it out and come home to my adoring husband and take a long nap. That should be ok.

So much for planning ahead and going to bed early and sleeping soundly. I even moved out to the couch so I didn't disturb Matt with my constant wiggles due to my stomach discomfort. Oh well. Our couch is very comfortable so it's ok.

I'll update on the disastrous day that is sure to follow this fitful night.

Hoping for 40 winks before sunrise,
Rebecca Iveson

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