Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to my big sister, Christine!

I gave her a call today and it was a pleasant little chat. I like that I'm now old enough with a little more life experience to be able to hold my own with both of my sisters. Of course, we've always been able to talk to each other, but now it's more like we're friends talking and not two big sisters talking to their little baby sister. I am 12 years younger than them anyways.

I have been deciding that I might want to wait a little longer than originally planned to have children. Not like another 10 years or anything major like that, but maybe 2-3 years longer of a wait. I would definitely want to have our first child by the time I'm 26, but that's 3 years after when I originally had planned. I want to be a young mom. But lately I've been truly enjoying the freedom Matthew and I have now. It is also very exciting to think about going to work. Once baby number 1 arrives our freedom and spontaneity will be gone as well as any job possibilities for me since I intend on being a full time mom. I suppose if I wait and work longer then we'll be able to save a whole lot more money, which is definitely a plus. We'll see as time goes on.

I declined the nanny position I applied for. It looks like I'll need a regular part time work in addition to the Preschool. This nanny position would only be for 2 weeks each month. I applied for a few more regular nanny positions and emailed my contact at Liberty to see if the Grad Assistant position was still available and would work within my time frame. Hopefully I'll hear back from those contacts soon. The GA position would only work if everything got squared away by the beginning of next week so I could sign up for classes and complete Financial Check in before the deadlines. God knows where to place me. I'm not too worried about it. I don't necessarily NEED a second job, but it would be nice to have some extra income. And this is the prime time in Matthew and my lives to stock away as much money into our savings as possible. It would be nice to have at least $10,000 in our savings from this year. Possibly more, but at least $10,000. WE just have some more home furnishing expenses still since it's our first year of marriage. I hate those kinds of expenses. But it has to happen if we want to finish settling in to our home!

Hoping to be employed again,
Rebecca Iveson

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