Wednesday, July 02, 2008

of bangles and sheep

Yet another post from the blackberry. We had a comcast appointment yesterday that got messed up. We had to reschedule for today... Only to find out whoever did our reschedule forgot to actually set it up... So we waited arepund the house all day for a technition who never showed up. And we still don't have internet. Now I am super glad I got this blackberry. I need to have even slight internet access! I don't have the patience to do everything I want to do on here. But I've gotten used to posting.

My hubband (which is how I refer to Matthew) bought me a new watch today! It is black and is a snap cuff watch with this detailed design all around the cuff. It is beautiful and I love it! What good taste my hubband has!
A nice little story. On the honeymoon my matthew got a nice little surprise one night. See, I have grinded my teeth since... Oh about 18 months when I had enough to grind against each other! It apparently is very loud and eerie sounding. My family used to complain about it when we would go on vacations. But I never got a bite splint for some reason. Well, matthew simply cannot handle the noise. He likens it to the feeling you get with fingernails on a chalkboard. So we also picked up a night guard for me today. We'll see how it works tonight I suppose.

I've been thinking about sheep lately. We are the sheep of the Lord's pasture... And we are even sillier than the sheep of this earth. I find myself once again getting frustrated with the israelites, but how can I when I am just like them! And sometimes worse! If I grew up in the first thousand years of the earth I would have been stoned. I would've thought Adam and eve were great fools and made it known and I would've been disrespectful to my parents! More than likely at least. That just wasn't tolerated back then. Yet I still get frustrated with the earliest men. I cannot imagine how frustrated God must get with all of us like stupid sheep... Day in and day out. In the pasture one day and wandering out the next. But He always comes back for us. Because He loves us. Isn't that something?
I was hoping to order my wedding picture prints today. I'm getting sick of waiting for our internet to work. I'll probably go somewhere tomorrow and do that. I need my pictures!

Cheers all.

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