Thursday, July 03, 2008

growing up Iveson

I'm making a great housewife! I managed to set off the fire alarm off the other day during dinner preparations! I was just steaming veggies and the water all evaporated without my notice. The veggies turned out great though! And today I burnt my arm in two different places in our stove. Ah the prices we wives pay. I'll be kind of glad when I begin working again. For now though, it's nice having time off to "nest". No, no baby yet and hopefully not for a bit... But it still feels like nesting my house for my family.

I've begun watching 24 again. I loaned our season 1 out to a friend so I have started with season 2. I had forgotten how much I love this show. Being away at college without the luxury of television and time to watch scheduled programming is kind of nice. Maybe we won't get cable for awhile longer. It isn't necessary.

Matthew is finally starting his regular hours at the hospital again. This should make our financial struggles much better. Work is always helpful in the money aspect of life. So while he is away at work in the evenings, I will finish organizing the house just so, then will run around taking pictures to share.

I'm going to have a tea party later. Tea is good for the heart and soul.

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