Sunday, July 06, 2008

life lessons

Marriage is a real eye opener! You won't understand until you've been there. Matt and I thought we were all set and ready to start living together, but boy is it hard living with a male! I grew up with 2 sisters so I didn't really ever experience living with a guy. My dad had his office andhis own bathroom so I didn't really know what to expect. It's been ... Interesting! And of course, fun. But also very trying. I've been learning a lot about contentment the past month.

Wow! It just hit me. Tomorrow is our one month anniversary! We've already been married for one month! Insane. And yet, it makes me feel relieved. I admit, I've been a little nervous about our finances running out. I've never rented from anyone or had any big bills to pay. Yes, I've been spoiled rotten. I lived in the dorms through college and my parents paid for my groceries and other stuff. I pretty much just paid for gas and fun stuff. Rottenly spoiled. So this living on my own and supporting myself thing is new. Thankfully, Matthew has lived on his own for two years. And we've made it one month with good food to eat, some dates out, and we even made a run through the gap! Which is both of our favorite store. I think we'll do just fine.

So in August Matthew should start working normal hours again. He's managed to pick up some more shifts for the next month but since the schedule was already made he had to take all the leftovers. The hospital has a new system of scheduling that they failed to inform Matthew of, which is why he has only been scheduled for the weekends. It will sure be nice when he gets back up to full time again. And I should hear back about my job this week. I have been in contact with the woman I had the interview with and she sounded pretty positive. I'm not worried though. As long as I have a job by August I should be fine. And I know there's a job out there somewhere waiting for a nice freshly graduated, newly married, hard working woman! All I can do for now is keep my eyes and ears open and keep praying!

I haven't been feeling well the past week or so. I hope this goes away soon. I want to start working as soon as possible and some bug will not help the situation any! I need to get a multi vitamin. I generally am low on all of my vitamins.

I hope we actually do get internet this week. I'm so sick of waiting for comcast to get their act together. We're thinking about just calling a different. Service. But we already paid for our first month and all their starter fees. What a hassle.

I'm reading through genesis. It is so much Moe interesting than I remember. And I have been discovering just how many extra details we add to bible stories we teach to children. I hope I can teach my children the facts and not make up little details I don't know are true. I like genesis. It's a good read. God is just so cool. And you can quote me on that.

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