Monday, June 30, 2008

new life: learning to be a wife

It's the end of June. One more week until my 1 month anniversary of our marriage! Time really does fly fly fly! This first year is going to truly be gone before we know it. That is a very good thing. I love our house, but I'll be ready to move on. It's time to move out of the old college town.

We're almost unpacked Completely. I think pretty much everything else will just be kept in the spare room anyways. So I'm not too worried about unpacking it really. I'm pretty happy with how our first place has turned out. We bought some amazing paintings today to decorate. I hate empty wall space. Yes, our home is pretty cozy and inviting.

I think Matthew and I are adjusting well to our new roles as husband and wife. I have embraced doing the dishes every night (by hand too! We don't have a dishwasher!), doing our laundry every week, setting up home and maintaining order and cleanliness, and preparing our meals. I would not mind just being a housewife. When we have kids I'm going to be a stay at home mom, but until then... It's work work work. Once I start working and begin working on my masters in August I don't know how I'll have enough time to run our household! It'll be a busy first year that's for sure.
I had a job interview at liberty this past week. A new position opened up and my application was pased along to that department. I feel like the interview went well. I'll hear about it at the end of this week. Until then I can only pray and wait. If it doesn't work out then I had applied to a few other departments originally, so I'm not real worried about finding a job. But I really hope this position works out. It sounds perfect for a one year posting for me. I'll explain the position more if I am hired.

Life is golden. Sometimes I feel funny telling people about Matt and my life now. I feel as though we're just roommates and being naughty! Then I remember, no, it's ok. We're married! Everyone knows we're living together and it's ok! It's a nice feeling. Being married. Spending everyday with the one I love. And, Lord willing, knowing I'm going to spend the rest of my life with him! I demand to die first... So my living with him for the rest of my life shouldn't be a problem. *wink*

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