Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wedding pictures are a go. Thank you postcards are a go. And after a day and a half of uploading, editting, and formatting mumbo jumbo... one of my large tasks is finally behind me. In a half a week or so I should be able to flip through my 1000 or so wedding pictures with nothing but smiles! Our walls will finally have their proper occupants as well, not the empty bland picture frames that now hang sulkily on the nails. I'm so excited to receive our prints. I have to get on top of writing our Thank Yous and mailing them out also. We made a postcard with a picture of Matt and I from the wedding on the front. I like the symmetry of our save the dates and thank yous. Two nice personal postcards with the formal invitation in the middle.

I still am working on changing my name. I think I finished filling out all the forms today. All I have to do is print them out and mail them out in order. I need to get a few more certified copies of our marriage license first. So that will take a little bit for us to receive those in the mail. Then I get to work out all the technicalities or the fees and charges each different office has. I need a new drivers license, a new passport, a new bank card, a new credit card, and then I can go out and get all my insurance taken care of. Oh yes, and the social security people are the worst! I suppose it's good that everything is so secure though. We don't want just anyone getting a social security number. It would make it so much easier for people to steal other peoples numbers if it wasn't so secure I suppose. It's just been a long drawn out process. I've already been married for over a month and it's taken me this long to get everything done. It would've been easier if we had internet right away, I suppose. But oh well. Soon I will officially be Mrs. Rebecca Eileen Iveson and all will be behind us. Some people don't change their names for years after their marriages. Yeah, that's not quite right for me.

I found out today that I didn't get the job. At first I was pretty bummed and a little upset about it. I actually almost cried because I thought this was the perfect job. Matt and I had talked about other alternatives and I was sure that me not getting this job meant God was telling me to take a break from school and just work without starting grad school. But I sent out a few more emails today inquiring in a few different places about jobs and I found a few possibilities that, if they work out, could be a better fit than the original prospect! So maybe this all is just a blessing in disguise. I'm still thinking about the bank teller option as well. I wouldn't go to grad school, but the hours would be good and the money would be even better. We'll see what happens in the next week or so. I'm still hopeful.

Matt and I have been popping in a disc of Friends while we eat our meals and during the evenings. We just watched Chandler and Monica's wedding. I realized for the first time that the song Monica walks down the aisle to (My Love by the Beatles) is the same song Matt and I lit our unity candle to! Pretty amazing. You would've thought I would know that beforehand. Phoebe and I walked down to the same song... I think... What a Wonderful World. If I'm remembering correctly that was what she walked down to. So this really is my favorite show!

I began reading Wicked the other day. This is the book the musical was based around. The book gives a lot more history and detail. It varies slightly from the musical... and I think I like it better. I've owned it since high school but never had the change to read it. I always thought it would be a long read since it was a thick book... but I'm wizzing through it! It is a great and interesting read. Such a new take on Oz. I went through an Oz phase so I pride myself in knowing a lot about Oz. I have the entire collections of Oz books by Baum, as well as a first edition copy of the first two books, I have a collectors edition of the first book, the original screenplay manuscript, I once had a framed newspaper clipping of the original movie, and I've see the play and Wicked. I just like Oz. I always thought I would've made a rather good Winkie, although everyone always told me I was more akin to the Munchkins! Anyways, even though this direction of Oz is different than the original books... I like the set up. So far, I highly recommend this book. I hope it continues to be as enjoyable of a read and I don't have to retract my recommendation.

Time to go sit in bed for some more reading. I thought I might be able to convince my husband to go out tonight, but there isn't anything really to do and he has a raid on WoW. I suppose he's been away from the game long enough. I should let him play in peace.

Off to Oz or the lesser Oz, more like it.

Rebecca Iveson

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