Tuesday, July 15, 2008

growing pains

Another successful birthday caper of the summer. My dear friend, Kristin, turned 22 yesterday and we showered her with presents and joy and lots of laughter. We even successfully threw her a surprise birthday party. Little miss details was unaware of the plan until she ran into some guests trying to sneak into the staging area. Ah well, she was still surprised! Another weeks worth of secret planning and lies put to good use in the name of birthday.

I realized that my birthday is next on the list. It falls on a Thursday and I might just have a job by then. And my husband is planning to take me to dinner. So I'm not expecting a big hoorah for my 21st. It will be my first birthday away from home. We'll see how it goes.

I have a been a bit under the weather lately anf I feel sorry for my Matthew. He has been waiting on me and letting me nap most of the day at intervals. He is such a good husband. I have been truly blessed. How we actually came together and how everything worked out, I still don't quite understand it. By all accounts we shouldn't be together. Such an interesting story. And I'm so glad it happened just the way it did. I love my Matthew and he loves me. It's a pretty good thing we have going on.

It still weirds me out that I'm finished with undergrad. It seriously just seems like last year I was still in highschool. I was going through some of my spring scarves the other day and saw the manufactured date as fall of 2005! That was my senior year of highschool! I know it's a little odd to gauge time by clothing, but it does not seem like I was buying that scarf 3 years ago! And here I am on the verge of starting grad school and married. Age comes faster than we realize. And another birthday is about to be upon me. Oh joy.

Time for some vanilla tea to hopefully soothe my stomach.

Rebecca Iveson

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