Friday, July 11, 2008

This has been my own, personal blog for the past year or so. But now I decide to share it with my husband. I highly doubt he will post much, as he has not yet entered the blog world with any enthusiasm. All forms of weblog he has created he has terminated after about six months time with rare visits at best. But if he ever find the need to add a little something to the page... it is his as well as mine.

All of our patience has finally paid off. Though it has been an interestingly dull day, we finally have internet in our apartment! Matthew spent the majority of the afternoon in his office (our spare room for now) playing WoW. He has missed this game with a fierce passion... although he was only away for about a month and a half. I suppose it is the other woman, so to speak. I will have to battle for attention from now on. It's ok. I suppose I don't mind sharing. And his little cyber friends all gave their congratulations on our marriage. It's not like I can hate them. And I have spent most of the day uploading our wedding pictures onto Winkflash for printing. I would upload some... and then take a break... etc etc etc. That is why it has taken so long. I just don't have the patience to sit and do one thing for so long until it is accomplished. Not something so tedious as uploading pictures. But I think I am nearing the end. By Sunday I should be ready to place the order! And lucky me, there's a special going on for 6 cent prints! So lucky indeed! I just have to figure out which ones to print for frames and which ones to send to relatives and our bridal party! Such a to-do. But at 6 cents a print... I can't do better! I am so glad we got our internet before the special ran out.

So Matthew and I are once again occupied with the horrors of the internet. It will waste much of our idle time I am sure. I still managed to read another quarter of my book today though. So I suppose I wasn't completely idle. I have enjoyed this time off to catch up on my reading. But there are still so many books I wish to read that I do not own. I never was one to use the library. I like having my own copy to rough up and put on the shelf. I always re-read my books so buying is so much better in my case. The only problem with this is the money issue. Books aren't always cheap... especially the kind I like. Ah well. I can wait I suppose. Until then I have some oldies but goodies to occupy my time. Hopefully that time won't be much longer. I was supposed to hear about my job by today... but the woman in charge of hiring is apparently our of the office until Monday and has been for most of this week. Maybe some sort of emergency of some kind. I can't imagine her telling me (and whoever else applied for the position) that I would hear back today and then taking a personal day. So hopefully, I'll hear back from her on Monday. I whisked her an email to remind her of me. All I can do is keep praying.

Matthew and I talked about some alternate options. If this job doesn't work out I may just postpone my graduate studies for a semester. I would like the break from schooling. Time to learn how to cook and not have to worry about taking classes at the same time. I would begin classes after the new year and we would stay in Lynchburg until I finished, which would be sometime in the fall. Then we would look into moving wherever Matthew will be attending graduate school. Now, this would put us behind schedule overall, and my fear was that would put us behind in the baby schedule. But Matthew said that he's no longer as worried about his being finished with school when we have our first child. Now he just cares about us being financially ready. As well as ready for the task of parenting in general of course. I completely agree with that. So as long as he doesn't mind having baby number one while he's still in school... we can go ahead with this backup plan. I might consider a job as a bank teller in the meantime. I've always thought it would be an interesting job. And it pays well, better than a job at Liberty will. So we'll see. I still hope this job I already interviewed for works out though. But if not, it's good to have a backup plan. Or I might still get a job at Liberty anyways and just begin classes during the second round of courses in the fall. We'll see. At least I know Matthew is open to the options.

I think I'm about internet-ed out for the day. My fingers have been flying over the computer screen trying to get everything done. It's amazing how much gets put off when you don't have the internet. My emails are way too full for my tastes... mostly of garbage of course. I still need to change my name legally and get all of that documentation taken care of. And of course, the long tedious task of uploading and printing my pictures.

Happy sleeing to all and all a good night.

Rebecca Iveson

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